Okay, Who is Cooler?

I have been obsessed with the song ‘Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey’ by Paul and Linda McCartney. Written in the early 70’s,  it’s so very British!  It’s got a beautiful sound with the harmonies and the rain and the trumpets!  It classic vintage McCartney.  Most of you know how much I LOVE Macca.  Even though he’s old and says dumb things like this, he will always be my first crush.

But, then again, as I get older, I’m more of a John fan.  Because John was just…you know….MORE.

I recently You Tubed Uncle Albert the classic Imagine was suggested for more.  Two very different songs by two artists at their peaks.  The videos are made with the women they loved, so it’s extra sweet to see both of these icons looking vulnerable and happy.

 I know so much has been said about the Beatles, its like, what more can be said?    I just like watching the videos of the John and Yoko and Linda and Paul in all their hippie glory   Which one is the best?  It’s a tough call and in the end, it doesn’t matter because they are both sublime.  What do you think?

True love lasts forever. Imagine that.

Not sure if this is even an official video of Paul and Linda, but whatever it is…it is ahead of it’s time.  Love it!


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