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It’s the first month of a new year!  2016 is here to stay so to speak!  Here are a few of my current obsessions.

Of course the life and art of David Bowie are awe inspiring, but I’m a little in love with their love story.  So sweet and so real.








Current Obsessions 2016






Currently Obsessed With….

Some things around the web that I am currently obsessed with!

Best LA Restaurants for Groups


Colorful Couches from Apartment Therapy

colors of the sofa

Gorgeous Riverboat Wedding at the Scarlett Belle


Can’t wait to check out the Broad Museum


Tattoos are just getting more and more amazing!


Items you didn’t know you could recycle and how to do it.


Currently obsessed with the art of Kate Shawkateshaw1

I need to learn French before my trip.  This is going to help.  ‘crossing fingers’.


Love this faux fur!  Winter is coming!!


I need this garden in my yard now.


SoCal Corgi Beach Day


I will be attending this too adorable and cute for words event tomorrow.  Lord help me!

Event organizers are expecting over 500 Corgis this time.  FIVE HUNDRED CORGIS IN ONE PLACE PEOPLE~~~ sorry for all the caps, but I am breathless.  😉

Henry and Queenie WILL be in attendance.  Pics to follow~  OMG!

SoCal Corgi Beach Day 2015


A pic from last year.


Pic courtesy of




Queenie is READy today!

Queenie and the Beach




Beach Walk Path Address Plaque

Since I have moved into my house by the ocean I have been obsessed with one particular area of the property.  The walking path to the beach directly behind my backyard!

It’s secluded and reminds me of the lovely walk streets of Venice Beach and in the bike path in Haleiwa on Oahu’s north shore.  There is nothing better than strolling down a lush, fragrant path while hearing the sound of the ocean waves in the distance.  It’s pretty much heaven.


My local homeowner association gives out little awards if your back fence is well tended, the garden is clean and if the street numbers are clear.

So of course I had to come up with something fun and unique to make my oasis special.

I visited my new Hobby Lobby up here in Oxnard and was able to create my own custom sign. I love the results as it matches the fence nicely.


15 - 2

15 - 1 (1)


I’ll be refurbishing the fence and planting some new and improved succulents and grasses, but until then, here are some more pics of the gorgeous path behind my house that leads to the ocean.

Beach Walk Path - 6

Beach Walk Path - 7

Beach Walk Path - 4

Beach Walk Path - 3

Beach Walk Path - 2

Beach Walk Path - 1





Upcycled Planter Ideas

I am always amazed at people’s creativity.  The reason I love these up cycled planter ideas is not only are they adorable, beautiful and fun, they’re good for the planet.  Instead of adding old tires, shoes and broken plates for example, to the land fill, people are creating these lovely works of art.  Here are some of my favorites.  You can find more at my Pinterest board titled “Upcycled Planters”.

6e8189946d18d985df76187d901c95d8 7-Colander-645x429 7e95c819c481ca68ac56bdd1836f24e4 09b73d4ea777090b9403e029b89fc1ac 9b924da45a9bbf9948bce3618216ed2f 51d5543c7d44686b6d718390d27bdad8 72a9f77d38d26cccecfbcac53aa2aab3 1129e7c5673da986942a8cc96171fc76 05800cae49db3f9e0e602acafd260287 46118e6c00f0dae3b2c3b67fc89d5c42 572748f264ea5e12795404512c05ef43 a90c9f3d0f2163950a023396c8964f88 b93fecc6345d1f26bbc9e23f77941733 c090cda21dc70c7a4dc757959f49e57c d77c0ee2922def1d27245f8edb7d1b2b d86ad90a5c1eec41ce7f7cd78a4b0191 f03038aadb66a0bc8bdc8a4338d1653d ff384ec75d88d55b89af76f492832bc3

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Kathy’s Vintage in NoHo-One of My Favorite Shops in LA

One of my favorite spots in the city.  Check out Layers Los Angeles as they adventure into the depths of a revitalized North Hollywood!




Kathy’s Vintage NoHo


Picasso Rip-Off Garden Art

I had a blank spot of yellow wall in my back yard that I wanted to fill with art.


I decided I would try my hand at re-creating a piece myself. I had some relative success with making my own Rothko’s and a Franz Klein. But they’re both really abstract and relatively easy to recreate. I wanted to give Picasso a try. Years ago I painted and actually sold my version of Sylvette, Girl with a Ponytail. I wish I had a picture of my picture, but alas, you’ll have to look at the masters instead.



So, I thought I would try another woman painting. I wanted lots of primary color because frankly, that’s the extra paint I had!

I decided on this one, because I like to lay in the backyard on my big comfy chairs and take naps, so I thought she would fit in nicely. This is The Dream. I love it.






I bought a huge (too huge) piece of plywood from Lowe’s for $30 and went to work.


Work in progress in my make-shift studio…outside under an umbrella. I am finding, that Picasso is really hard to recreate because all his lines are so fluid. Although they’re simple, they represent something exact. A slight up-turn here or there really makes a difference. I guess it goes without saying, but he was truly one of the greatest artists ever.




Finished and installed! Yes, my proportions are completely whack, but that’s what’s so cool about recreating a Picasso. It’s okay! My girl’s head is much too big and her body is too narrow. Oh well, I like her face and am happy with that. Her legs are going to be sawed off so I can hang her. (This really sounds like a horror movie plot! LOL).






It’s a nice little spot to have a cup of tea.




I like that I can lounge on my patio and take a nap while watching my girl taking a nap.




I signed it and gave credit where credit is due.








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