Slim Aarons Photographs the Rich and The Richer

I am crazy for Slim Aarons.   Who, you might ask?  Slim Aarons was kind of the Truman Capote of photography.  He spent most of his time chilling with really rich socialites lounging around doing rich people stuff.  You know like hanging out at their olympic sized pools in Palm Beach or posing in front of their sprawling mansion while leaning against a Bently or Rolls or some such car.  Yes, it’s over the top, but it’s fascinating to look at at the .000001% in all their decadent glory.  The photos aren’t staged and are almost like snapshots that you and I grab on our phones, except they’re not like you and I.  Not. Even. Close.

I say that with no bitterness.  The photos are amazing.  They have a David Hockney painterly feel to them.  I love them in decor.  The rich vibrant colors of Florida, the Mediterranean and Switzerland are beautiful in any room.

I seriously want this one of CZ Guest.  You know, just hangin with the kid and the pups.  It’s perfection in every way!98714239328463a9a553764ac89347f2


Here is another shot of the Kaufman house in Palm Springs.  The house is a Richard Neutra.  That pant suit the blonde on the left is wearing is amazing.

See what I mean?

Kaufman House

His photographs span pools, beaches and ski slopes.  Here are some of my favorites.








Slim’s photos look fabulous in modern decor.  I have been seeing them all over the place.  They convey opulence, color and beauty.

Feast your eyes on these beautiful decors.10545e02167325758d2d3a7832a85cd3-1





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Wine Country in Pictures

I returned from my first ever trip to Napa, and I have to say, I’m in LOVE! I was charmed and enamored by the natural beauty, the great enviornment and the lovely people. I so enjoy going to a new city and speaking with the locals about how great they think their city is. It’s a good sign that the place is a very nice place to live.

I also ventured out to Sonoma and went to a great vineyard called Sebastiania’s where a very patient and informative wine guy (is that what they’re called), took the time to really explain the basics of the science of wine making. We bought two delicious bottles for my new in-laws in the UK and my soon to be in-laws in France. I’m very excited to share the vino with the French family. I’m hoping they’ll be impressed. I think they will.

Here are just a few shots of my five day stay. I’m looking forward to go back for more.

For more pics log onto my Instagram feed and check out #mynapatrip. They’re my more artsy fartsy shots!


A beautiful historical landmark home in Napa.

20140524-171951.jpg 20140524-171934.jpg _MG_6153 _MG_6146 _MG_6135 _MG_6152 _MG_6149 _MG_6154 _MG_6132 _MG_6160 _MG_6158 _MG_6139 _MG_6145 20140524-171921.jpg

 Some Sonoma pics…

_MG_6169 _MG_6170 _MG_6193 _MG_6192 _MG_6191 _MG_6187 _MG_6185 _MG_6184 _MG_6182 _MG_6179 _MG_6177_MG_6196_MG_6164

PS I Love You!


I grew up going to Palm Springs.  It was a quick two-hour jaunt from Los Angeles.  My parents were able to purchase a sweet  condo back in the 70’s for about 10 cents!  Seriously though, property was cheap back in the day because there was so much land.  Vast expanses of dessert, palm trees and tumble weeds.  In the midst of this was that perfect oasis of downtown Palm Springs.  “The Strip” (aka Highway 111),  was the center of the city and about a half a mile long.  Dotted with little shops in Spanish style buildings, fountains and restaurants, this one way four lane street was always teeming with life, even in the 110 degree summers.


PS was always old school cool tome.  The city itself was a huge influence on my design style.  When my parents were house hunting, I LOVED going to open houses with them.  Imagine all those great 70’s style & mid century modern model homes we checked out.  Lemon yellow and golf course green, brass, campaign chests, Parsons tables!  Oh it was lovely.

My love affair with Palm Springs slowly dissipated as I grew older, had kids and couldn’t take the heat.  It had been close to fifteen years since I last visited.  Oh, how I missed it.  And how I missed the colors, the palms, the bright blue skies.  My parents condo in particular was a treasure trove of vintage, classic Palm Springs.  They haven’t changed the decor of the place since 1975.  It is so old, it’s new again!  Since it was only used a few times a year, it’s pristine!  I wished I had brought my real camera.  Instead, I only had my iPad and Iphone to document the fabulous!  Here are a few shots.


A vintage cane chair!



20131217-112512.jpg Dresser and green carpet


That lamp!


Landline phone in Tiffany Blue…sigh



I Remember – 911 Thoughts and Images

I read a poll this morning that 97% of adults remember where they were and what they were doing on September 11, 2001.

I know I remember.  I know I will never forget.  I don’t think many of us want to forget, because forgetting means we dishonor the people who lost their lives.  Not embracing life every day, means we dishonor them.  Living a good life, doing your best, being grateful for this beautiful country we live honoring them.  I choose to honor them by living the best life I can and never forgetting.

I was lucky enough to be able to visit Ground Zero last year.  It was sobering and beautiful.    A few pics of what I saw.

IMG_6908 IMG_6865 IMG_6827 IMG_6833 IMG_6834 IMG_6838 IMG_6841

A Happy Spot in My New Backyard

A few quick snaps of my happy spot in the new backyard. Since the house is in transition, paint, floors, cleaning, I made a nice little vignette under the shade tree, so I can take a break and breathe in a pretty place.
Do you have a special spot in your home?


A little rusty, but it gives it that ‘shabby chic’ thing.


Don’t look too at the rust. Look at those hydrangeas!


quite possibly the most perfect thing I’ve ever seen!


One of my favorite possessions. This wind chime makes the most beautiful sounds.


My little blue gazing ball looks right at home. The former tenant just left this cement pedestal? Why?


Looking forward to morning coffee, afternoon iced tea and evening cocktail/ All with a good Kindle read!

Lovely London

It’s been over a year since my oldest moved away to London. I am missing her. I think it’s time for a visit. Until then I have my images from my last trip with her. Such a great town!

What are your favorite sites, views, landmarks of London!  Post with a link!  Let’s enjoy the home of Queen Elizabeth II, her Corgis together, David Beckham, William Shakespeare and David Beckham together!

Statue of FDR
Statue of FDR

United States Embassy in London

United States Embassy in London

The London Eye, The Tate and the Thames

The London Eye, The Tate and the Thames

Me and Ben

Me and Ben

More Ben..up close and personal

More Ben..up close and personal



Just and amazing view.

Just an amazing view.

A Big Red Bus

A Big Red Bus

A window in Soho

A window in Soho



A lovely little street

A lovely little street cafe

I love all the nooks and crannies.
I love all the nooks and crannies. (is that how you spell crannie?)