Rentals-How It Works

35661_436484464993_2380431_nFirst of all…we should talk.  Face to face is so old school, but it really works.  However, email is a good thing that we do not dismiss.  (

So, YOU tell us.  What is it you’re looking for and how can we help you get it?

Once we have a date and an idea, we can go from there.

Choose one item or a vignette of items.  Whatever works for you, works for us.


In any case, our lawyer said we have to give you this info…lawyers are great.  They also like to get married with vintage furniture, so we can’t knock them.

Here is the nitty gritty detail stuff they said we need to say.


Prices includes

  • Rental furniture-item prices vary depending on the piece.  Check our website for prices.
  • Delivery where available
  • Damage deposit

Each item has a refundable damage deposit.  Say your sister’s three year old spills punch all over a piece of furniture.  Yes!  It happens.  WE get it.  So, just in case we ask for a damage deposit for each item.  The deposit is 100% refundable if the item is returned “as is”.  However if said nephew spills punch, we will work feverishly to have the item repaired/cleaned and will only keep the amount we pay to fix.  Example:$200 damage deposit.  $50 damages.  You will get $150.00 of your deposit returned to you.  If there is no damage, you get your entire $200 back.  If it is more than $200, we will keep your deposit and pay the difference ourselves.

We don’t want you to stress about this as it rarely happens.  So please, enjoy your day, and leave the touch ups to us.


  • Once you have decided on a piece, 50% of the entire cost is due to secure the items for your “big day”.
  • The balance is due 14 days before the “big day”.

If for some horrible reason and horrors upon horrors, the event is cancelled 14 days before, we will refund your 50% deposit within 10 business days.

If your event is cancelled within the 14 day window, we will return 25% of your 50% deposit.  If you have already paid the entire amount, we will refund 75% of your deposit.  Sorry, but we have to keep 25%.  We hate to say this, but you know, we have to.  Please don’t be mad.  Just know if you paid for example $500.00, you will get back $375.00 even if you cancel the day of your event.

Bottom line though is we will have it all in writing.  A contract will be drawn up and we will all sign it.  This is to protect us both.  Because…law suits…they suck.  Plus, who wants to remember their wedding day as the day they got into a fight and had to go to court?  No one, I tell ya!


Okay, so that’s the down and dirty of the vintage furniture rental business.  Just know, that cancellations rarely happen, except in the movies.  Julia Roberts be damned.

We will deliver and set up your vignette and pieces depending on your location for a minimal fee.

We will work with your fabulous wedding planner to provide all the items you and said planner need.

Basically…we do whatever you want us to do.  Why?  Because YOU’RE THE BRIDE!!  You get to say and do whatever you want.  We get that….(we were brides once ourselves.)  Check out my 80’s Princess Di gown and the over the top bridesmaids dresses to be sure!  (A lot of perms were happening that day).  LOL  Why did everyone have to have big matching shoulders?  Why did I wear a hat?  Oh well.  Some things need no explanation.



Back to the FUTURE, here are some of our pieces available to rent.




_MG_5108 (1)

_MG_6268 (1)

_MG_6259 (1) _MG_6256 (1) _MG_6266

image _MG_6270 image _MG_4814 _MG_4819 _MG_4811 00y0y_fN1Yd5h9ek4_600x450 00a0a_lCPpvbrJWWp_600x450 00808_2lS8UycRL5e_600x450_MG_6055_MG_6055

20140423-084558.jpg Vintage record cabinet.  Perfect for cake or a drinks station. _MG_5750 _MG_5769 (1) _MG_5773 _MG_5773



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