Shabby to Chic

I am in the process of acquiring pieces for a new start up business that will rent vintage furniture for weddings, parties, etc.  I thought this piece would be perfect for a desert table.   Even in it’s sorry state, I could imagine a luscious looking wedding cake taking its rightful place on this baby.  But first….OMG it was a mess!

I got it in a swap with a neighbor of mine who had a treasure trove of vintage and antique furniture sitting in a shed in her back yard. The dresser had been in her family for two generations, but she just didn’t have room for it. Unable to part with it, it fell into a sad state.  It was filthy! Decades of dirt and grime from the last century were embedded in the chipped paint. Spiders had been living in the drawers for years.
The hardest part of the whole project was cleaning it. I didn’t want to just hose it down as I was worried the exposed wood would warp, but I really needed to disinfect it.



So after a lot of warm soapy water, paper towels and even using a blow drying to insure the wood wouldn’t warp, it was ready to prep.
I decided I really liked it white with a shabby chic finish. The original was shabby without the chic. I used Annie Sloan’s chalk paint (Old White),  which is great as it doesn’t require a lot of sanding and primer. After two coats, I distressed the dresser and the hardware.
When I was first thought was…boring!


So I stripped the top and sanded it down to its natural finish. After a light oak stain and a good waxing, I had the finished product!  I like to name my furniture after the women in my life.  Yes, they all have personality and deserve a name. This one is named after my daughter, Caitlin.   Caitlin is ready for her close-up and a wedding cake!

_MG_6264 (1)

_MG_6266 (1)

_MG_6256 (1)

I also lined the drawers with decorative paper. I love a good collage decoupaged on to some drawers!
I’m really happy with how it turned out._MG_6259 (1) _MG_6258 (1)


A Pair of Pairs…A Nightstand Story


I love nightstands.  They’re obviously useful, but they really can help create a more custom look to your bedroom decor.  Adding a pop of color with your nightstands is a way to mix it up.

My client wanted just that.  She had very nuetral bedding, floors and walls.  At first she thought she would do white nightstands, but after mulling it over she decided to just go for it.  (she had a little pushing from me!  I love color).   She chose this fantastic color by Benjamin Moore called Old Navy.  I used their ADVANCE paint, which has an oil finish without the oil mess.  It has a low VOC and can be easily cleaned up with soap and water.  I have to say, I am always getting drips on my skin.  It was nice to just clean it with soap and not have to scrub my skin raw and wait for the paint to fade!


Anyway, I found these little babies on Craigstlist.  They would have fit perfectly in Sally Draper’s room.   They actually were made in the 60’s, but they needed a modern update.








Since I had extra paint and an extra pair of nightstands, I decided to use the same color on these two.  They had a great wavy drawer and fun hardware.  The dove tail drawers were one of the reasons I grabbed these guys at American Way.






This second pair will be listed for sale in the next few days.  For more information check back soon!

Custom Campaign Desk Revealed

I finally finished the campaign dresser I purchased a few months ago.  This was a custom order and my client tara chose a great color that really modernized this guy.  The brass got polished, the desk got a sanding, painted and waxed. I love the finished product.









Vintage Record Cabinet Re-do

Growing up in the 70’s I listened to my rock in roll in the old fashioned way.  Records.  The pops and buzz of a needle on vinyl was just so satisfying.  Studying the album art was another favorite pastime.  I think that’s why I’m crazy for anything to do with records.  Record players, albums and especially record cabinets.

I found this poor thing at an estate sale about a year ago and had to have it!  It had been relagated to an outdoor patio and I’m pretty sure it hadn’t seen a record for years.

_MG_1522 _MG_1526


After a lot of elbow grease, sanding and painting it’s finally finished.  I like it so much I’m not sure what to do with it.  I’m thinking it would be great to hold dishes in the kitchen or if all else fails, I have a few records that would love to call it home.

Vintage record cabinet.  Perfect for cake or a drinks station.

Before and After Tiffany Blue Dresser

I finally finished the Tiffany dresser!  I always like to add special finishing touches, like painting and lining the drawers with beautiful paper.  Sometimes I get carried away and so there you have it!  Three week turnaround is not too bad considering I was out of town for five days.

I’m very happy with the way it turned out and as usual…I want to keep it!

It’s on sale now at the online store.  For more info click

Tiffany Blue Dresser at Queen B Vintage Studios

Any who… is a reminder about the Before and the story and inspirations behind it.

I actually took a Tiffany box to good old Home Depot and had them match the color.


Here is the


_MG_5506 _MG_5507


_MG_5694 _MG_5695 _MG_5702 _MG_5701 _MG_5707 _MG_5710

Dressers are just so versatile.  Not just for the bedroom anymore, this would look great as a media storage unit or in an office.  I also can see it in a baby nursery.  It’s classic for both boys or girls.  Fun stuff!

Party Like it’s 1979! Refurbished Campaign Cabinet Before and After

Okay, I admit it.  I have a slight addiction to campaign furniture.  I can spot one from across the thrift store showroom!

So about a month ago I found these two sad little pieces that looked like they were cast offs from the set of Almost Famous, one of my all time favorite movies.  I just watched it the other night and let me tell you, it never gets old to see Russell the rock star,  played by Billy Cruddup, walk around in a drug induced euphoria in a typical mid-western 70’s style house and greet a vintage lamp with…”I GREW UP WITH THAT LAMP!”  I do the same thing when I see campaign chests (sans the drug educed euphoria).

But I digress.   At first no one got why I liked this style, but after seeing some of my make-overs, I think I’ve converted a few people into campaign furniture lovers.  I feel so accomplished.

Here is one I just finished BEFORE.  What a mess.  I looked like it did a lot of drugs in the 70’s.


Here is the AFTER in my old stand-by Plumage from Martha my love.

Available for purchase HERE ——->Queen B Vintage Online Shop_MG_5394





“Tang” Mid Century Modern Bookcase Make-Over

I love this bookcase even though the color doesn’t really work.  There are slots in the front that tells me this might have been a record cabinet  with glass doors at one time. The clean lines and the hairpin legs are just screaming for a new palate.

Here is a before…clutter and all!_MG_4996

Here is the after!


Because it’s so streamline and sleek, it needed a racing strip and a name.  The name Tang reminds me of what the astronauts of Apollo drank when I was a kid and NASA was literally over the moon!

I think it turned out groovy baby!  It would work anywhere in a modern style setting. but for some reason I keep picturing it in a nursery storing colorful books, toys and linens while stimulating a baby’s brain.

It reminds me of something from Toy Story for some reason.  To infinity and beyond!!!

_MG_5378 _MG_5183 _MG_5182