Made in the Shade at the Little Cinderblock House

I’m so excited because on Saturday I got my three new trees from the city of Burbank.  For FREE!!  Yes, finally my tax-payer dollars going to something useful.  The “Made in the Shade” program is such a great idea.  I’m really happy I got to participate.

I am now the proud owner of a “pink trumpet”.  (This is what it is going to look like someday…pretty huh?)

and a pair of pear trees!

So, yesterday the LOML got to planting them in the front yard.  They are not only going to look beautiful and provide shade for the house, they will help cut energy use this summer.  It’s great for the environment and even better for my pocketbook.

They are pretty!

They did require some sweat equity to get planted, but I had fun watching the LOML work!

So did Henry

And Queenie
I think he had fun too!
I love it!  Next up?  Sod and vegetation planting.  Time for me to get working.  Pics to follow.


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