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Marble Fence



Cats Being Jerks

I could watch these videos all day


Hand pulled prints from the Lions Nest



The Angelino Heights neighborhood in Los Angeles 03fd60ffae5644ef43c6046b4c801cd2

These houses are amazing!


The most painterly dresses created by Stella De Libero



The timeless Julie Christy

Back in the daytumblr_mf5qs3o3uO1qh0yodo1_500


and now at 71!!  Still amazing!



I binged watched this show and I’m not embarrassed about it at all




Also currently obsessed with Fred Armisten, since he came out and sang with my other currently obsession, Blur at the Hollywood Bowl last week  Of course he sang one of my favorite songs Park Life, only he changed it to fit the LA setting, calling it Echo Park Life!  Seriously funny stuff!“>Painted cinderblock?  Who knew it would look so chic?928ceecdb8abdb8ce49b17e457b482bf











Favorite Things for 2014


I love January.  It’s a fresh start.  It’s a new begining.  It’s a second chance.  Okay, enough with the cliche’s, you get the point.
But seriously, it’s a chance to finally ‘let go’ of all of the above. A time to embrace the joy in life. My New Years Resolution was to be grateful for all that I have and to live life with as much of the 10 to Zen that I can.
Although I did get everything I wished for for Christmas; family, food and a Kuerag coffee machine, I still enjoy gazing, marveling at and admiring all the beautiful things life has to offer. Warm coats, NFL jocks, good books, the assorted bling. What else can you ask for?? So without further discussion (well, maybe a little), some of my favorite things for 2014.

Links can be found on my Pinterest board titled, Favorite Things 2014


The pop of orange, the coat, the glasses, the bracelets…it’s all good.


Love the green walls!


Just everything.  I want to snuggle in that bed.


Such adorable handmade little creatures!  Perfect for the new baby coming to our familiy!


The 2014 Pantone color of the year is radiant orchid.  A few examples.  (clock wise left to right-radiant orchid ombre wedding dress and bouquet, flower pumps, metal bracelet, rug, lantern, the color of the year, nail polish, amazing bookcases.


Colin Kaepernick.  Quarterback of the San Francisco 49ers.  No words.


I love this Los Angeles based artists; illustrations.  Check out more of her work at Jessica Rae Sommer


Inspired by my friend Kelli, who is a prolific blogger and lemon lover, I want a lemon tree.


I need this.  I don’t know why, but I do.


Loafers rock.


Succulents are awesome because they cannot be killed.  Succulents in toys is heaven.

jennifer lawrence

Not usually a celebrity worshipper, but this kid has such a unique self deprecating humor, you can’t help but like her persona.





Louis Vuitton gold foil envelopes.  Why not?





Horses on a sweatshirt from J. Crew





Just uploaded to my Kindle.  Can’t wait to read about New York City in the punk era.





I got a pair of these and they’re perfect for yoga!





A gift from my daughter.  Smells delicious!




Alexander McQueen black sling bag with a skull!  Add a little bit of edge to a conservative black purse.




You Can Do It: Pick a Project to Cross Off Your List — January Cure: Assignment # 5

Color color color!




Pomegranate, Kale, and Wild Rice Salad with Walnuts and Feta

What a great combo…pomegranate, kale, wild rice, walnuts, feta!




white + wood

White and wood kitchens.  Classic.

It’s only a few days into January and I’m already in love with lots.  What are some of your favorite things of 2014?

Industrial Chic & Hardcore Furniture

Five Reason Industrial is Chic

1. Durable-Hey if it’s survived a public school (lockers), it’s gotta be tough.

2. Versatile- cubbies store wine, shoes, towels, books, office supplies…ect

3. Visually Interesting- these babies have a past and it shows.  Aged patinas and rust make these really cool and fun to look at.

4. Inside or out-They are durable (see above) and they are versatile (see above), so they work in the garden or in the luxurious bedroom.

5. Go Geen- Instead of ending up in a landfill somewhere, these furnishings are ending up in fabulous homes, offices and gardens everywhere.  It’s a WIN WIN!

Here are some of my favorite pieces and ideas.  Links can be found here Industrial Hardcore Chic

XL vintage letters #alphabet #xlletters #letters #vintageletters #vintage #interior #home #living #homedecor #interiorinspiration

Industrial storage to looking

vintage tanker desks get a facelift with brushed metal drawers and a fresh color

PO boxes                    ****


industrial chic

Vintage industrial desk made from an old sewing machine table

Sleep Industrial...

i would clean this up as food dishes are here - however, it is an excellent bussing cart for when we have guests & want to set or clear the table. Love this idea.

Love à good Locker...

Neat idea for storing current art issues in the studio.

Industrial shelf





My Favorite Style Icons

Style never goes out of style.  Some people just have it no matter what era.  Here are a few of my own personal favorite style icons both past and present.  To see more check out my Pinterest board titled Style Icons

a146e60e11bd232b132fb5fdd614bfb2 12701c61c0e944a988f15d5e901cf3c5 36e7dcbd1b4d645f059f21a50637f73a fc0b25c06f7e8d866f05376f81377c30 cabc6052413d61237a4db975a303346d Grace Kelly in 1955 bba5f81481af2fdb1b6ab9a4e4299621 ac85128cd2e0fb1cb4c739292350aee6 ab8cca5457778ad36527527bc8262d0c a017c5a9a10a723e4bf9acea5a08d8f1 276160269bebaaed0527cea223d8cc72 087146a1e1bb6c971b5d5911c7b3ad0c 94ea4cb66c5d307667caca6afe877611 91c8476539a71460d94a4990343ee428 73a980537405645a970157f07b9bd3ce 070f53758af63b2d157497a0b3a49f1e 59eadf93393af3342e6f5e86bb46acc4 31dc6224788dd3c15dc6be905c9d02e9 8acd1aa5622016995d1eae54d6e082cb 3d8bbb794bf922a5d0993267736a6a50 1ca023a0f7a677da82bf0c9a15594b8a 0cc7c2fb847294bcc67b6132939091da 0b4fa5413f1fe714113af48313571e58 0a47717df744b5a49da681c690644433

Last but not least, my groovy stylish mom and dad in front of her 1972 GTO!