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Marble Fence



Cats Being Jerks

I could watch these videos all day


Hand pulled prints from the Lions Nest



The Angelino Heights neighborhood in Los Angeles 03fd60ffae5644ef43c6046b4c801cd2

These houses are amazing!


The most painterly dresses created by Stella De Libero



The timeless Julie Christy

Back in the daytumblr_mf5qs3o3uO1qh0yodo1_500


and now at 71!!  Still amazing!



I binged watched this show and I’m not embarrassed about it at all




Also currently obsessed with Fred Armisten, since he came out and sang with my other currently obsession, Blur at the Hollywood Bowl last week  Of course he sang one of my favorite songs Park Life, only he changed it to fit the LA setting, calling it Echo Park Life!  Seriously funny stuff!“>Painted cinderblock?  Who knew it would look so chic?928ceecdb8abdb8ce49b17e457b482bf











Bigger Is Better When it Comes to Bad Art

Abstract art is one of my favorite forms of art.  Why?  Because anyone can make their own amazing stuff.  Some of my favorite artists are easy-peasy to replicate.  My new house has tons of white walls just begging for art.  Seeing that I am cheap, I have decided to make my own art, because I’m not about to go out and pay $160 million for a Picasso like some people!

Any-whoo….I was shopping at my local thrift store up here in Oxnard and I came upon this huge 5′ x 4′ beauty on sale for $29.00!

20150511_111808 (1)

This painting manages to make flowers ugly and dull!




Not worth it you say?  Alas, I bought this for the canvas and the frame.   A framed stretched canvas of this size would cost well over a $100.  And remember, I am cheap.  So I bought this baby and lugged it out to my Prius.  However Prius was not having it, so I hoisted to the top and roped it.  Granted at one point I felt like the car and canvas were going to set sail.  Luckily I made it home without damaging  my precious masterpiece.

I started by painting the canvas and the frame with my stand-by Annie Sloane Old White paint.



I then spray painted the frame, a brass color.



Then I just had FUN!  I also tried gold leafing for the first time.  It was tricky, but since it didn’t really have to be perfect..hence what I love about abstract…it worked out pretty well.

This was before I did some blending.



Here is the finished product!20150513_084437


One of the many blank spaces that needed a little boost and some color.



I tried it in a few places, but for now, it’s my headboard.  When I finally get a headboard, I might switch it out.  I absolutely love it and feel like I’m falling in when I gaze upon it.












White is the New Black in Furniture Fashion and Puppies!

Okay, the color white has never gone out of style and the old school rules of ‘No white after Labor Day’ are long gone.   I am so grateful I was raised in the era where I didn’t have to adhere to strict rules.  One rule however that I imposed on myself is NO WHITE FURNITURE~! ever!  At one point in my life I had three children under ten, three dogs and a cat.  So, my rule really made sense.  I lived for years with a big ugly brown corduroy couch and matching love seat that had muffin tops billowing out on all sides.

My empty nester days are here and I have finally banished the Corgis from the couches.  (Frankly I think they’re getting old and can’t jump that high anymore.)  Either way, I always dreamed of a white couch and last week my friend Kelli fulfilled my dream by purchasing an amazing white leather couch on Craigslist.  Her gain is my daydream.  I’ve been scrolling through lots of white the last few days.

All my towels, dishes, sheets and walls are now white.  I’m looking forward to breaking the fashion rules by wearing lots of winter white this winter.  Here are some of my favorite things in white.

Find the links on my Pinterest board titled WHITE



















Reading Nook Re-do

I have a little nook in my house on GPark that is too small for just about anything.  A dining table fits, but no chairs.  It has a bright sunny window, but there is a window air conditioning that is an absolute necessity.  I am thinking I might change the area into a reading knook/bar area/bookcase.  Is it possible?  Not sure, but I decided to head over to Pinterest and I searched ‘reading nook’.  Here are some of my inspirations.


Around the Home Board by Laura Rose

Around the Home by Laura Rose

Elizabeth Kimberly Designs

Elizabeth Kimberly Designs


Dying of Cute

Dying of Cute

Beautiful Rooms Apartment Therapy



From Lonny Mag


Maison Boheme


I am very happy the way my little nook turned out.  Here it is after a few tweaks and a trip to Big Lots.  Big Lots has really great deals on throw pillows ($12) and drapery panels and hardware ($75 for everything) and the rug ($15).  I already had my morning coffee and checked my email on the ipad and it was lovely.

Anyway else have a longing for a reading nook?  I was willing to sacrifice a dining space for one, but I’m cool with it.  We’ll see how I feel at Thanksgiving though.


Nice spot for a coffee and a Kindle book.

Window Shot

View of the window. I can close one side and hide the air conditioner.


Love it!

far shot

The view from my couch.



This is before we moved in.  Hunter green walls and rust carpet.  No comment.   After is more to my liking. #understatement

This is before we moved in. Hunter green walls and rust carpet. No comment. After is more to my liking. #understatement


Gallery Wall Make-Over

The last few weeks I have been overwhelmed by looking at so many images of home wall galleries, that my head was about to explode.  So many different theories and measuring instructions.  Ideas like all black frames or large white mattes.   Botanicals, animal themes, photographs. Gold frames with floral mattes.   You get the idea.

I even started a whole Pinterest Board to inspire me.  The problem was that no matter how beautiful the ‘designers galleries’ looked they were not something I could duplicate because my art was unique to me, which is the whole point exactly.

I tried and tried to work on a formula, when finally I threw caution to the wind, collected all my stuff and just basically threw it on the wall.  I used my Design 101 Theory from college to try to work out a basically balanced look.  And in doing so, I have a lot of patching to do where things just did NOT work out!.

Anyway, I think the only advice I have for a project like this is this.

  • Gather all your stuff your going to hang in one spot.
  •  Hang the biggest pieces first.
  •  Fill in the negative space where you can.
  •  Be prepared to re-hang.
  • Have some good putty, sand paper, and paint to fix your first fifth attempt.

So, this was my office/spare room area before I decided to just go for it.  It was sad and lonely.  Most of all it was boring.  _MG_5508

White, like a blank canvas, which is how I approached this dilemma._MG_5509


Here’s the after.  It’s a weird phenomena but the art makes this tiny room appear larger.  Thank goodness!





The two bottom pieces were done by my daughters. I took the top photograph of my son walking toward the surf.


Although I love the top three pieces…they’re all for sale! Full disclosure here. Find them at the shop. (click the photo to see them.)


Sweet album cover. I loved them. Ballroom Blitz anyone~

One last shot later in the day.  I so enjoyed walking in this room.  Everything on the wall makes me smile, from the black and white photo I took of my son walking toward the waves, to the goofy looking baby photo of me as a wide-eyed baby holding a strange looking animal, they all make me happy and that’s what really matters.