Currently Obsessed With….

Some things around the web that I am currently obsessed with!

Best LA Restaurants for Groups


Colorful Couches from Apartment Therapy

colors of the sofa

Gorgeous Riverboat Wedding at the Scarlett Belle


Can’t wait to check out the Broad Museum


Tattoos are just getting more and more amazing!


Items you didn’t know you could recycle and how to do it.


Currently obsessed with the art of Kate Shawkateshaw1

I need to learn French before my trip.  This is going to help.  ‘crossing fingers’.


Love this faux fur!  Winter is coming!!


I need this garden in my yard now.



White is the New Black in Furniture Fashion and Puppies!

Okay, the color white has never gone out of style and the old school rules of ‘No white after Labor Day’ are long gone.   I am so grateful I was raised in the era where I didn’t have to adhere to strict rules.  One rule however that I imposed on myself is NO WHITE FURNITURE~! ever!  At one point in my life I had three children under ten, three dogs and a cat.  So, my rule really made sense.  I lived for years with a big ugly brown corduroy couch and matching love seat that had muffin tops billowing out on all sides.

My empty nester days are here and I have finally banished the Corgis from the couches.  (Frankly I think they’re getting old and can’t jump that high anymore.)  Either way, I always dreamed of a white couch and last week my friend Kelli fulfilled my dream by purchasing an amazing white leather couch on Craigslist.  Her gain is my daydream.  I’ve been scrolling through lots of white the last few days.

All my towels, dishes, sheets and walls are now white.  I’m looking forward to breaking the fashion rules by wearing lots of winter white this winter.  Here are some of my favorite things in white.

Find the links on my Pinterest board titled WHITE



















Couch + Chair= A Love Story

It’s hard to believe, but it feels like my Tiny Little House is starting to actually come around.  I no longer wander from room to room, box to box in a daze.  There are actually entire areas that are livable and more importantly, actually photographable for the blog!!! LOL

First and foremost I have my new couch!  I got it on Craigslist at a fraction of the cost.

On a side note, I meet some of the most fascinating and wonderful people through Craigslist.  The adorable young couple I bought it from lived in a seaside condo and were both air traffic controllers and pilots.  They loved the couch, but the wife confided that she had always wanted a white couch.  She feel in love with my couch when she saw it at z Gallerie, bought it and immediately regretted it because..she wanted a white couch for goodness sakes.  My reply to her was, you’re young, you don’t have kids, dogs, etc.  Get a white couch NOW before it’s too late!

Somewhat inspired by her, I bought a white shag carpet to go under my new couch.  Since the Corgis are officially ‘outside’ dogs, I think this rug might last more than six months.

And finally…drum roll please!!!…..

Pièce de résistance

…my knock off Eames chair, (click here and here for the before sad pic), which will now officially be referred to as my Eames chair…so sue me Eames Company!  Re-upholstered in a vintage, butter yellow, herringbone fabric, I love it so.  I love it so, I would marry it if I could.  However, I am paranoid about stains, so it’s gotten a shot of Scotch-guard every day for good measure.  The LOML is pretty much banned from ever sitting here.  ❤



Believe it or not my daughter actually won this monster at one of the claw arcade games. Proof that it can be done!


_MG_2561 My infamous martini olive pillow. Uncomfortable, but whimsically silly.


A wide shot. My Nike’s match, so they stayed in the pic.


Vignettes are my thing. Squirrel, vintage prom pic, vintage rock posters and a piece of the Getty Museum.


Love the light in my Tiny Little House.


Now I just have to do something with this insane messes.  (cue up the Psycho music!)




Books, and electronics and wires….oh MY!


What lurks behind. I’m sitting at the computer in the dining room/junk/sorting area. It’s not pretty.