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It’s the first month of a new year!  2016 is here to stay so to speak!  Here are a few of my current obsessions.

Of course the life and art of David Bowie are awe inspiring, but I’m a little in love with their love story.  So sweet and so real.








Current Obsessions 2016






Slim Aarons Photographs the Rich and The Richer

I am crazy for Slim Aarons.   Who, you might ask?  Slim Aarons was kind of the Truman Capote of photography.  He spent most of his time chilling with really rich socialites lounging around doing rich people stuff.  You know like hanging out at their olympic sized pools in Palm Beach or posing in front of their sprawling mansion while leaning against a Bently or Rolls or some such car.  Yes, it’s over the top, but it’s fascinating to look at at the .000001% in all their decadent glory.  The photos aren’t staged and are almost like snapshots that you and I grab on our phones, except they’re not like you and I.  Not. Even. Close.

I say that with no bitterness.  The photos are amazing.  They have a David Hockney painterly feel to them.  I love them in decor.  The rich vibrant colors of Florida, the Mediterranean and Switzerland are beautiful in any room.

I seriously want this one of CZ Guest.  You know, just hangin with the kid and the pups.  It’s perfection in every way!98714239328463a9a553764ac89347f2


Here is another shot of the Kaufman house in Palm Springs.  The house is a Richard Neutra.  That pant suit the blonde on the left is wearing is amazing.

See what I mean?

Kaufman House

His photographs span pools, beaches and ski slopes.  Here are some of my favorites.








Slim’s photos look fabulous in modern decor.  I have been seeing them all over the place.  They convey opulence, color and beauty.

Feast your eyes on these beautiful decors.10545e02167325758d2d3a7832a85cd3-1





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For links check out my Pinterest board called

Slim Aarons Photography

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Why Its Good to Walk the Dogs Early or Furniture Score!

While walking the Dogs this morning I came a cross a ton of furniture on the sidewalk. Not just any furniture.  Nice furniture!!
My elderly (92) neighbor had sadly passed away last week ad her family was getting rid of some of her stuff.
Let me just say, my neighbor had excellent taste. Apparently she loved dressers. A woman after my own heart!
The pièce de résistance however was a beautiful mid century modern couch that had been relegated to the outside.
My neighbors relatives would not accept money, so I promised them, their sweet grandma’s cool stuff would get the make overs they deserved and would live life anew.
Looking forward to the refurbishing.  Now if it would just cool off, so I can get started!
Here’s my score.







A cute little ottoman on wheels.

Yes!!!! This will look great when re-upholstered. Perfect for you Mad Men style event!!


A Pair of Pairs…A Nightstand Story


I love nightstands.  They’re obviously useful, but they really can help create a more custom look to your bedroom decor.  Adding a pop of color with your nightstands is a way to mix it up.

My client wanted just that.  She had very nuetral bedding, floors and walls.  At first she thought she would do white nightstands, but after mulling it over she decided to just go for it.  (she had a little pushing from me!  I love color).   She chose this fantastic color by Benjamin Moore called Old Navy.  I used their ADVANCE paint, which has an oil finish without the oil mess.  It has a low VOC and can be easily cleaned up with soap and water.  I have to say, I am always getting drips on my skin.  It was nice to just clean it with soap and not have to scrub my skin raw and wait for the paint to fade!


Anyway, I found these little babies on Craigstlist.  They would have fit perfectly in Sally Draper’s room.   They actually were made in the 60’s, but they needed a modern update.








Since I had extra paint and an extra pair of nightstands, I decided to use the same color on these two.  They had a great wavy drawer and fun hardware.  The dove tail drawers were one of the reasons I grabbed these guys at American Way.






This second pair will be listed for sale in the next few days.  For more information check back soon!

Custom Campaign Desk Revealed

I finally finished the campaign dresser I purchased a few months ago.  This was a custom order and my client tara chose a great color that really modernized this guy.  The brass got polished, the desk got a sanding, painted and waxed. I love the finished product.









Before and After Tiffany Blue Dresser

I finally finished the Tiffany dresser!  I always like to add special finishing touches, like painting and lining the drawers with beautiful paper.  Sometimes I get carried away and so there you have it!  Three week turnaround is not too bad considering I was out of town for five days.

I’m very happy with the way it turned out and as usual…I want to keep it!

It’s on sale now at the online store.  For more info click

Tiffany Blue Dresser at Queen B Vintage Studios

Any who… is a reminder about the Before and the story and inspirations behind it.

I actually took a Tiffany box to good old Home Depot and had them match the color.


Here is the


_MG_5506 _MG_5507


_MG_5694 _MG_5695 _MG_5702 _MG_5701 _MG_5707 _MG_5710

Dressers are just so versatile.  Not just for the bedroom anymore, this would look great as a media storage unit or in an office.  I also can see it in a baby nursery.  It’s classic for both boys or girls.  Fun stuff!

Mid-Century Modern Dresser Needs Help

I am a sucker for the lines of this dresser.  Even though it had ugly laminate, was dirty and the hardware was rusty, I know it’s got potential.  The good news is I didn’t fret over painting this guy because of the laminate, but I loved the etchings in the top drawers and the bottom.




It will look fab when complete.  Here are a few inspiration pieces I’m working from.  Can you guess what color I’m leaning towards?