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It’s the first month of a new year!  2016 is here to stay so to speak!  Here are a few of my current obsessions.

Of course the life and art of David Bowie are awe inspiring, but I’m a little in love with their love story.  So sweet and so real.








Current Obsessions 2016






SoCal Corgi Beach Day


I will be attending this too adorable and cute for words event tomorrow.  Lord help me!

Event organizers are expecting over 500 Corgis this time.  FIVE HUNDRED CORGIS IN ONE PLACE PEOPLE~~~ sorry for all the caps, but I am breathless.  😉

Henry and Queenie WILL be in attendance.  Pics to follow~  OMG!

SoCal Corgi Beach Day 2015


A pic from last year.


Pic courtesy of




Queenie is READy today!

Queenie and the Beach




Top 10 Bucket List Hotels to Visit Before You Die

As a kid, and later as a mom, I loved Eloise!  The  little rich girl  lived at the Plaza Hotel, was being raised by her English Nanny, had a pet turtle named Skiperdee and a pug named Weenie.  I wanted to be Eloise!  I mean seriously who wouldn’t love roaming the Plaza, going to weddings uninvited and then going home to your hotel suite where your Nanny made you a delicious dinner?
Eloise had it made in my book, so on my first trip to New York City years ago, I made the trek to the grandaddy of hotels, The Plaza.


The Plaza lorded over all the other very chic hotels in this pricey neighborhood in Manhattan, and  I was not disappointed by this fabled landmark!  
I had a $18.00 martini and then strolled the lobby and hallways in search of Eloise…and I found her!
Hanging on the marble walls is a lovely portrait of the little mischief maker in all her glory!

 So, what started as a love of the Plaza, grew into a love of very chic, sometimes pricey, but always amazing hotels.  Some I have visited, some I only dream about.

Here is a list of my favorites.
1. The Algonquin 

New York City, NY

I love this hotel not only because of it’s fabled, famous literary history, the beautiful old school architecture and the rag doll cat Matilda that roams the lobby in search of scraps, scratches on the head  and mice, but because of it’s amazing bar right next door.  Home to the Blue Room and the best martini in town. I like to imagine I’m an heiress with an attitude and my rich father is about to disinherit me if I don’t stop spending money on abstract art…or some such thing.  Anyway, my father will only leave his Long Island estate to visit me in the city, if we meet at the Blue Room.   Okay… I’ll stop and go write my novel another time.





2. Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel

Hollywood, California

Old Hollywood meets new.  Take a meeting with an A-lister and then screen the latest preview copy in this hipster heaven.


3. Hotel Plaza Athenee
Paris, France

Okay, if you’re going to go to Paris, why settle for a room with a view of some random garden or anonymous courtyard. (even it if is as beautiful and mesmerizing as the one above.   If you’re going to go, this should be your view in the morning with croissants and juice.


And this should be your view after a day exploring.  Any discussion?  No, I don’t think so.


4. Corinthia Hotel
London, UK

It’s like Mary Poppins, only with lots of money and more luxury than the Queen herself! 




5. The Royal Hawaiian
Honolulu Hawaii

By now, you can tell I like ‘old’.  The Royal Hawaiian is the oldest luxury hotel on the islands, but it is an aged beauty that never goes out of style.  Step back in time and lay your weary eyes on the pink stucco, the views of Diamond Head and the sounds of the surf at Waikiki.  

6. The Viceroy 
Palm Springs, CA

Being a mid century modern groupie, I absolutely LOVE this hotel in the MCM haven Palm Springs.  I got to visit PS a lot as a kid as it was only a quick two hour jaunt from Los Angeles.  I remember strolling the aisles of the local JC Penny with my parents one day and standing in line with Frank Sinatra!  I kid you not.  The Chairmen of the Board shopped at JCP in PS!  Anyway, lots of cool, fab memories of the springs.  This hotel brings them back in a grand way.

Viceroy Palm Springs: One of the pools ...

7. Hotel Triton
San Francisco

If you go to San Francisco, you really need to “Go San Francisco”. To me that means, go wild, go unique, go out of the ordinary.  There is no better place in the city by the bay to experience your Inner Hippie, than Hotel Triton.  Go ahead.  I dare you to go an not come back with a tattoo, or blue hair extensions.  It’s just that kind of a place!

1. logo



8. Burj Al Arab
Abu Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Did you know there was such a thing as 7 Star Hotels?  Me neither.  That is until I searched Dubai.  I’ve heard amazing things about the exotic and very luxury city.  Just looking at the google images made me gasp in wonder.  Underwater hotel suites, helipads, Bentley’s, architectural feats that look like Disney animators designed them.  It was hard to pick one hotel as they all looked brilliant.  Check out this link for more amazing places.  Dubai Information Site.  Anyway, I decided when I become friends with a rich oil Sheik, he should whisk me away to the Burj.  Seriously, that’s the only way I’ll probably ever stay here.  Besides being a 7 star, it’s the most expensive hotel on the planet.  Least expensive room is $1000.00 a night.  Most expensive is a eye popping $15,000.00 a night!  The pictures, I have a feeling,  do not do this place justice.  But here are a few.


9. Hotel Malleberg
Brugges, Belgium

Bruges is like a fairy-tale village.  It’s mid-evil architecture has remained  largely intact.  Canals, museums and Dutch influence abound.  This little hotel is a microcosm of all that is charming and enchanting of Bruges.

Hotel Malleberg: lounge


10.  Rasananda Resort
Thong Nai Pan Noi Beach,  Baan Tai, Koh Phangan, Surat Thani Thailand



I finish with this hotel, because at the end of the day, my dream of travel consists of an exotic beach, a beautiful lonely beach, swaying palms….these all exisist in Thailand.  On my bucket list of countries I must visit before I drop, this is number one.  Behold and know why.

Anantara Rasananda Koh Phangan resort 5

Anantara Rasananda Koh Phangan resort 7


Well, that’s it for my Top 10.  What do you all think?  I’m sure I missed many amazing places.  Tell me some of your Bucket List hotels to visit before you die.  Happy Travels!

Kathy’s Vintage in NoHo-One of My Favorite Shops in LA

One of my favorite spots in the city.  Check out Layers Los Angeles as they adventure into the depths of a revitalized North Hollywood!




Kathy’s Vintage NoHo


A Bike and a Hike

Even though I’m headed toward 52 years and am not at my ‘ideal weight’, it feels pretty good to wake up on a Sunday morning, after a 15 mile bike ride on Friday and a 5 mile hike on Saturday, and not feel sore, swollen or exhausted.

Sometimes, I forget to be impressed with my physicality rather than be on the look out for the lack of perfection.   I am always quick to berate myself for that donut or that extra piece of pizza, yet don’t often pat myself on the back for the amount of physical exercise I get.  I make it a priority, much to the detriment of my money making ability, but I have a hierarchy!  After years of putting everyone first, (which I think is quite right when you have children), it feels good to make taking care of myself my true job.

Yes, at times I feel guilty, but for the most part I just do it and as I was hiking up the rocky path yesterday I thought it’s about time I acknowledge how good it feels to feel powerful and strong and in my fifties.  I actually feel better than my twenties and there is less emotional nonsense going on too.  My hope is that even at 102, I’ll still be going.


LA River 

Eaton Canyon


View from my bike of the fabulous LA RIVER!  Like no other river in the world.

View from my bike of the fabulous LA RIVER! Like no other river in the world.


It was a clear sunny day in LA


Nice view of my sweetheart and the great bike path that runs along the river.


Saturday took me to the falls at Eaton Canyon in Pasadena

pasadena hike2

Not all graffiti is annoying.

pasadena hike1

Enjoy your life. It’s the only one ya got.


California Fun

One of the things I love about Southern California and Los Angeles is that you can go from beach to mountain within a half an hour, okay, maybe an hour.  I also love that the days are a balmy 85 degrees in the middle of winter.

This allows for a lot of outdoor activity.  The LOML and I try to hike once a week.  We have been able to explore so many beautiful and sometimes hidden gems in Los Angeles, I can hardly believe how lucky we are!

Last Saturday we went on a hike above Sierra Madre, which is about 15 miles north of downtown Los Angeles.   Like so many areas of this city, I never knew this little burg even existed.  This from a native!  I don’t usually schleep a big camera, but this time I thought, ‘what the heck?’ and threw it in my backpack.

I’m so glad I did.  Just a few quick shots of this beautiful place I call home!  Here is a link to the  Sturtevant Falls Trail

_MG_4913 _MG_4916 _MG_4925 _MG_4928 _MG_4931 _MG_4935 _MG_4956 _MG_4969 _MG_4986 _MG_4993

Mrs. Robinson’s Bar and Other Stuff in “The Graduate”

We got to enjoy another great movie last night presented by Cinespia at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery.  One of my all time favorites!  The Graduate!

Along with the great acting, cinemotography and that fabulous Simon and Garfunkle music, I love the sets!  The mid century modern stylings of the era are amazing!   Of course the movie was very current at the time.  Nineteen sixty-eight to be exact, the decors and sets were absolutely beautifully done and have stood the test of time.

Here are a few of my favorite sets from famous scenes in The Graduate.

OMG that coat...sorry back to the sets

OMG that coat…sorry back to the sets

More of Mrs. Robinson's Bar....that would be a great name for a bar!!

More of Mrs. Robinson’s Bar….that would be a great name for a bar!!

Even the hotel room was classy!

Even the hotel room was classy!

Probably because it was filmed at the historic Ambassador Hotel. Sadly, it's no longer there.

Probably because it was filmed at the historic Ambassador Hotel. Sadly, it’s no longer there.


Mrs. Robinson’s foyer. Pretty swanky.


Benjamin Braddock’s house wasn’t too bad either.


The Braddocks' back yard

The Braddock’s Back Yard

Mrs. Robinson's Manse...nice digs, why did she need to drink and have affairs?

Mrs. Robinson’s Manse…nice digs, why did she need to drink and have affairs?

Elaine's room.  Love her portrait!

Elaine’s room. Love her portrait!


One last shot of the bar for the road!