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It’s the first month of a new year!  2016 is here to stay so to speak!  Here are a few of my current obsessions.

Of course the life and art of David Bowie are awe inspiring, but I’m a little in love with their love story.  So sweet and so real.








Current Obsessions 2016






Currently Obsessed With….

Some things around the web that I am currently obsessed with!

Best LA Restaurants for Groups


Colorful Couches from Apartment Therapy

colors of the sofa

Gorgeous Riverboat Wedding at the Scarlett Belle


Can’t wait to check out the Broad Museum


Tattoos are just getting more and more amazing!


Items you didn’t know you could recycle and how to do it.


Currently obsessed with the art of Kate Shawkateshaw1

I need to learn French before my trip.  This is going to help.  ‘crossing fingers’.


Love this faux fur!  Winter is coming!!


I need this garden in my yard now.


Slim Aarons Photographs the Rich and The Richer

I am crazy for Slim Aarons.   Who, you might ask?  Slim Aarons was kind of the Truman Capote of photography.  He spent most of his time chilling with really rich socialites lounging around doing rich people stuff.  You know like hanging out at their olympic sized pools in Palm Beach or posing in front of their sprawling mansion while leaning against a Bently or Rolls or some such car.  Yes, it’s over the top, but it’s fascinating to look at at the .000001% in all their decadent glory.  The photos aren’t staged and are almost like snapshots that you and I grab on our phones, except they’re not like you and I.  Not. Even. Close.

I say that with no bitterness.  The photos are amazing.  They have a David Hockney painterly feel to them.  I love them in decor.  The rich vibrant colors of Florida, the Mediterranean and Switzerland are beautiful in any room.

I seriously want this one of CZ Guest.  You know, just hangin with the kid and the pups.  It’s perfection in every way!98714239328463a9a553764ac89347f2


Here is another shot of the Kaufman house in Palm Springs.  The house is a Richard Neutra.  That pant suit the blonde on the left is wearing is amazing.

See what I mean?

Kaufman House

His photographs span pools, beaches and ski slopes.  Here are some of my favorites.








Slim’s photos look fabulous in modern decor.  I have been seeing them all over the place.  They convey opulence, color and beauty.

Feast your eyes on these beautiful decors.10545e02167325758d2d3a7832a85cd3-1





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For links check out my Pinterest board called

Slim Aarons Photography

For more info on Slim Aarons check out these links.

Books by Slim Aarons

Bio of Slim Aarons


White is the New Black in Furniture Fashion and Puppies!

Okay, the color white has never gone out of style and the old school rules of ‘No white after Labor Day’ are long gone.   I am so grateful I was raised in the era where I didn’t have to adhere to strict rules.  One rule however that I imposed on myself is NO WHITE FURNITURE~! ever!  At one point in my life I had three children under ten, three dogs and a cat.  So, my rule really made sense.  I lived for years with a big ugly brown corduroy couch and matching love seat that had muffin tops billowing out on all sides.

My empty nester days are here and I have finally banished the Corgis from the couches.  (Frankly I think they’re getting old and can’t jump that high anymore.)  Either way, I always dreamed of a white couch and last week my friend Kelli fulfilled my dream by purchasing an amazing white leather couch on Craigslist.  Her gain is my daydream.  I’ve been scrolling through lots of white the last few days.

All my towels, dishes, sheets and walls are now white.  I’m looking forward to breaking the fashion rules by wearing lots of winter white this winter.  Here are some of my favorite things in white.

Find the links on my Pinterest board titled WHITE



















Latest Obbsession-Downton Abbey

I get caught up in TV shows.  I have succumbed to a Netflix addiction.  I have not been a big TV watcher ever since Seinfeld went off the air, but we recently bought a ROKU device.  We get Netflix and Amazon which we stream through the internet.

So far I have binged watched Breaking Bad, Mad Men (my former favorite), Orange is the New Black, Boardwalk Empire, The Americans, House of Cards and Ray Donovan.

And now…I have become obsessed with Downton Abbey.  Maggie Smith is Maggie Smith.   That’s all I need to say about that.

I do however have a lot to say about  the beautiful rooms in Highclere Castle, the home that plays Downton Abbey.

My favorite room is the light and beautiful sitting room.  One of hundreds probably.  I love the pink couches and the classic design and style.    That chandelier, those chairs, the moulding on the ceiling.  Wow.

Just beautiful.  So I’m off to watch Season Three….I can’t wait!

Interiors_1296430766583 downton-9--a Highclere Castle Downton Abbey Season 1 18

Downton Abbey - drawing room 1

Campaign Dressers Named Sugar Plumb and Plumage

About this time last year I came across a great vintage campaign dresser manufactured by Dixie Furniture.  It was huge and in need of a lot of love.  A client bought it and chose the most fabulous color for the make over, called  Sugar Plumb, which became the old dressers nickname.

I found this guy at a Salvation Army in South Pasadena.  Granted it wasn’t from a high end furniture company, but I couldn’t pass it up.   I was going to sell it ‘as is’,  or wait for another custom order, but since I got totally inspired by Gretchen at Boxy Colonial and her use of Martha Stewart’s Plumage, I decided to just go for it!  I love the results.

Here is Plumage before:


Here is the after.

campaign1 campaign2 campaign3 campaign4

See how perfect it looks in my house?  All the good junk I could store! I almost want to keep it!  It’s great for any room.  Lots of storage.  Alas, it’s for sale now at the online shop.  Check it out here ——–>Vintage Refurbished Campaign Dresser in Plumage