Currently Obsessed With….

Some things around the web that I am currently obsessed with!

Best LA Restaurants for Groups


Colorful Couches from Apartment Therapy

colors of the sofa

Gorgeous Riverboat Wedding at the Scarlett Belle


Can’t wait to check out the Broad Museum


Tattoos are just getting more and more amazing!


Items you didn’t know you could recycle and how to do it.


Currently obsessed with the art of Kate Shawkateshaw1

I need to learn French before my trip.  This is going to help.  ‘crossing fingers’.


Love this faux fur!  Winter is coming!!


I need this garden in my yard now.



24 Hours on the Queen Mary

I love being a tourist in my own hometown and that’s basically what we did over the weekend.  Granted, Long Beach, California is a distinct and separate entity from good old LA, but it’s still in Los Angeles County and it’s only a quick trip down the 405.  (“quick trip down the 405” is an oxymoron, I realize, but we were able to do it during off hours so it was only 45 minutes).   Next time we might take the train from NoHo to Long Beach but that’s for more advanced public transportation users.  We are defiantly sophomoric in our abilities.   Give us the Prius and the freeway and we are there!

Anyway, there is nothing cooler to photograph than ships.  The whole nautical theme, the ocean, the skylines…they are all just begging to be documented.  Everywhere you point the camera…there is an interesting shot.

The Queen Mary also happens to be a great example of Art Deco styling and of course, there are the big red smoke stacks.  It’s a beautiful, fun place to spend the day or the weekend.  Here are some of my instagram shots

The art deco designs were so cool.  
Teal light fixture
The heater with waves.

I want a porthole window at the Little Cinderblock House….just because.

More LB skyline.

The marble floor decor.

Air?  Not sure what this is, but it’s RED!

Geometry at it’s best!

Or course, it’s always about the clothes and the ship got me dreaming about my next time I visit.  I love stripes and straw fedoras and orange deck shoes and aviators and oh, you get the point.  I like clothes and accessories.  Here are my dream ensembles
Out to Sea

Of course, it’s always nice to have a nice looking man on your arm.  The very best accessory!

See what I mean?!  Bon Voyage Queen Mary.  Until next time.