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It’s the first month of a new year!  2016 is here to stay so to speak!  Here are a few of my current obsessions.

Of course the life and art of David Bowie are awe inspiring, but I’m a little in love with their love story.  So sweet and so real.








Current Obsessions 2016






Surfboard ARt

My son let me keep one of his old surfboards and I’m really looking forward to making it a signature piece of art at the new beach house.  Jack found this baby in the trash and used it as a template when making and shaping new boards.


I love the size of it and it’s a perfect medium for a really interesting piece.

Pinterest is full of inspiration.  Here are some of my favorites and you can find the links to all of these on m Pinterest board titled Surfboard Art.  Please share any suggestions or favorites with me in the comments.   I will defiantly post when I am done.


This is a favorite.  Check out the artist Colleen Wilcox at her website Colleen Wilcox Art.  She is amazing!




Very hipster.


A little Banksy style.



Gotta love a tiki style!



This might be too scary to actually surf on, but it’s really cool as art.5849ce79551d6ca8fc7efd003727cb63


This is mesmorizing.


I love the collage style.b12bd3185b66ae2d52e28db633f6de27 Just a simple geometric style.e3be598f678f88ffd59260dec4f06b8c

Slim Aarons Photographs the Rich and The Richer

I am crazy for Slim Aarons.   Who, you might ask?  Slim Aarons was kind of the Truman Capote of photography.  He spent most of his time chilling with really rich socialites lounging around doing rich people stuff.  You know like hanging out at their olympic sized pools in Palm Beach or posing in front of their sprawling mansion while leaning against a Bently or Rolls or some such car.  Yes, it’s over the top, but it’s fascinating to look at at the .000001% in all their decadent glory.  The photos aren’t staged and are almost like snapshots that you and I grab on our phones, except they’re not like you and I.  Not. Even. Close.

I say that with no bitterness.  The photos are amazing.  They have a David Hockney painterly feel to them.  I love them in decor.  The rich vibrant colors of Florida, the Mediterranean and Switzerland are beautiful in any room.

I seriously want this one of CZ Guest.  You know, just hangin with the kid and the pups.  It’s perfection in every way!98714239328463a9a553764ac89347f2


Here is another shot of the Kaufman house in Palm Springs.  The house is a Richard Neutra.  That pant suit the blonde on the left is wearing is amazing.

See what I mean?

Kaufman House

His photographs span pools, beaches and ski slopes.  Here are some of my favorites.








Slim’s photos look fabulous in modern decor.  I have been seeing them all over the place.  They convey opulence, color and beauty.

Feast your eyes on these beautiful decors.10545e02167325758d2d3a7832a85cd3-1





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For links check out my Pinterest board called

Slim Aarons Photography

For more info on Slim Aarons check out these links.

Books by Slim Aarons

Bio of Slim Aarons


PS I Love You!


I grew up going to Palm Springs.  It was a quick two-hour jaunt from Los Angeles.  My parents were able to purchase a sweet  condo back in the 70’s for about 10 cents!  Seriously though, property was cheap back in the day because there was so much land.  Vast expanses of dessert, palm trees and tumble weeds.  In the midst of this was that perfect oasis of downtown Palm Springs.  “The Strip” (aka Highway 111),  was the center of the city and about a half a mile long.  Dotted with little shops in Spanish style buildings, fountains and restaurants, this one way four lane street was always teeming with life, even in the 110 degree summers.


PS was always old school cool tome.  The city itself was a huge influence on my design style.  When my parents were house hunting, I LOVED going to open houses with them.  Imagine all those great 70’s style & mid century modern model homes we checked out.  Lemon yellow and golf course green, brass, campaign chests, Parsons tables!  Oh it was lovely.

My love affair with Palm Springs slowly dissipated as I grew older, had kids and couldn’t take the heat.  It had been close to fifteen years since I last visited.  Oh, how I missed it.  And how I missed the colors, the palms, the bright blue skies.  My parents condo in particular was a treasure trove of vintage, classic Palm Springs.  They haven’t changed the decor of the place since 1975.  It is so old, it’s new again!  Since it was only used a few times a year, it’s pristine!  I wished I had brought my real camera.  Instead, I only had my iPad and Iphone to document the fabulous!  Here are a few shots.


A vintage cane chair!



20131217-112512.jpg Dresser and green carpet


That lamp!


Landline phone in Tiffany Blue…sigh



Bad Art Gets a Make-Over

So, my mom is a treasure trove of cool vintage stuff.  Don’t tell her I said this, but she’s a bit of a hoarder.   The good news is, sometimes she shows up with the most amazing things for me to either keep, refurbish or sell.  The bad news is sometimes she shows up with stuff like this.

Bad art…oh dear.


I accepted these two separate canvases, because of my basic rule…Never throw away canvas.  Even one that has a slash in it.

white vertacle slash?  No problem.

white vertical slash? No problem.

I actually  considered hanging the canvases this way…just to make it more interesting.


But alas, my Mark Rothko obsession won out!   I hung the make-overs in the bedroom because I think they’re soothing and nice to look at when dozing off.

So, thanks Mom, I had a great rest last night!



The room has really transformed!

Here is a before



AFTER...Much better

AFTER…Much better

Cheap Art on a Budget

I love art, but I’m not in love with the price.  David Hockney is one of my favorites.  I once saw him at an art supply store in Hollywood.  I lurked around him like a rock n roll groupie until he said, “hello there!” in his clipped English accent.

My favorite piece of art ever is his huge homage to Los Angeles  that hangs in LACMA “Mulholland Drive: Road to the Studio”.

So, I wanted a piece of Mr. Hockney done cheap for my bathroom.  Because he does a lot of swimming pools and diving boards set  in LA, I though it would be a perfect fit.

I bought the frames in plain white at IKEA.  I love these because they already come with mats.

I googled the two pieces I was thinking of, printed them on plain white paper and taped them on to the frame.


“A Bigger Splash” by David Hockney



Note about copyright…these will NEVER be sold..EVER!  In fact, I’ll probably throw them away at some point and put another favorite piece in it’s place.  Maybe some Joan Miro or Mondrian….Anyway, the idea is to enjoy artists you love on a budget.  I love brushing my teeth and gazing at the water of Mr. Hockney’s art._MG_3056