That Day

Everyone knows where there were and what they were doing that Tuesday morning.  The Monday before is long gone from our collective memories because everything changed the next day.

Every year, I force myself to remember that day.  I feel it’s all I can do at this point. I fret that children born after around 1995 have no recollection of that day and that they aren’t learning about it in school or at home.   I watch videos, read memes, check my feeds for hashtags like #neverforget #911, etc. I am worried every year people will forget and every year I am relieved to find that in fact….no….people have not forgotten.  This small sliver of hope makes me stoically go through the day with some sense of fortitude.

I visited New York before and after 9-11.  I never made it to the towers on my few visits before.  Sadly, I went downtown and was more interested in checking out Century 21, a huge department store with designer clothes marked down like crazy.  It is, what it is.

Since 9-11, I have visited Manhattan numerous times.  Every time, I make myself go downtown to Ground Zero and watch.  I viewed the tremendous hole in the ground.  To actually witness the empty dirt filled  footprints of the Towers was overwhelming.  It was colossal.  Over the years, the site turned into a construction zone.  A few years ago I was able to visit the 9-11 Memorial with the huge and healing sounds of water flowing and victims names embedded into the metal for all to see and touch and weep.

Last summer I went again to the memorial and was so proud to see the Liberty Tower which literally has risen from the ashes.  It’s a testament building.  A testament to not only this great country we are so privileged to call home, but a testament to the power of people working together to build something beautiful from something evil.  The cowards who flew into the Towers, the Pentagon and the field in Pennsylvania, never got that.  They thought they knew America and Americans.  Excuse my language , but they didn’t know shit.

The American spirit prevailed that day and this day.  We are a free, happy, prosperous nation that is a beacon of freedom to the entire world.  Flaws and all.  So, on this day in honor of the  2,997 souls who are no longer on this earth, I choose to be grateful, to do good, to live a life worthy of their memory.

God bless America.




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