New York in June

Throwback Thursday to this time last year! #NYC #TheBigAPPLE

Queen B Vintage Studios

I just got home from a week in the Big Apple and it was amazing!  Its was so fun to share the city with someone who had never been. Ralph was a newbie to New York though not big cities and it was absolutely joyful to watch him take in all that is NYC! I got to see this brilliant, crazy and hyper-kinetic city with new eyes. The outcome has been that I love it even more! We had a whirlwind week to say the least.

Here are some highlights in no particular order, from Union Square on a Monday afternoonThis building was from the 1860’s and still has a pharmacy.   Pete’s Tavern, Central Park, Broadway and  more.

Can’t wait for the next trip. Until then, it feels great to be home. I really am an LA Girl.

Lounging in Central Park


Washington Square Arch


White horse at White Horse…

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