Bigger Is Better When it Comes to Bad Art

Abstract art is one of my favorite forms of art.  Why?  Because anyone can make their own amazing stuff.  Some of my favorite artists are easy-peasy to replicate.  My new house has tons of white walls just begging for art.  Seeing that I am cheap, I have decided to make my own art, because I’m not about to go out and pay $160 million for a Picasso like some people!

Any-whoo….I was shopping at my local thrift store up here in Oxnard and I came upon this huge 5′ x 4′ beauty on sale for $29.00!

20150511_111808 (1)

This painting manages to make flowers ugly and dull!




Not worth it you say?  Alas, I bought this for the canvas and the frame.   A framed stretched canvas of this size would cost well over a $100.  And remember, I am cheap.  So I bought this baby and lugged it out to my Prius.  However Prius was not having it, so I hoisted to the top and roped it.  Granted at one point I felt like the car and canvas were going to set sail.  Luckily I made it home without damaging  my precious masterpiece.

I started by painting the canvas and the frame with my stand-by Annie Sloane Old White paint.



I then spray painted the frame, a brass color.



Then I just had FUN!  I also tried gold leafing for the first time.  It was tricky, but since it didn’t really have to be perfect..hence what I love about abstract…it worked out pretty well.

This was before I did some blending.



Here is the finished product!20150513_084437


One of the many blank spaces that needed a little boost and some color.



I tried it in a few places, but for now, it’s my headboard.  When I finally get a headboard, I might switch it out.  I absolutely love it and feel like I’m falling in when I gaze upon it.













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