SoCal Corgi Beach Day Was Predictably Adorable

It was called fittingly a Corgi Orgy and let’s just say it was as enjoyable and happy as you can imagine.  SoCal Corgi Beach Day was a rousing success with over 600 Corgis in attendance.  Queenie and Henry were there and they enjoyed it immensely. The were snuggled, petted, scratched fed scraps and photographed the entire day.  All while romping with other short stumpy dogs and playing in the ocean.

They even made CNN News!  Here is the link.  Q&H are pic number 2!!  It was amazing all around.  We will be at the next one in July!  Here are some pics from the day.  YOu might need to sit as the cute factor is overwhelming.

Winston the White Corgi…he’s famous and has a very popular Instagram because, of course.  Henry and Queenie actually have Instagram hashtags.  I know… I’m a geek.  For Henry go to #Schlaka, Queenie= #pigseal, #HenryandQueenie.  Anyway, here is Winston!

This guy’s hat.


Q&H taking in the sights.IMG_2352


My friend Maureen’s Cardigan Corgi Riley.  Gotta love that tail!20150411_133132

Random Corgi cuteness.20150411_133219

People with cameras were out in force.20150411_134559

This Corgi has style.20150411_134602

Corig Shark Sighting.20150411_135028

Left to right. Henry, friend, Queenie, friend.   Top…..guy with treats=Corgis new best friend.


Riley wanting snacks.


Q&H and a cute little Caviliar King Charles Spaniel.  So happy Queenie didn’t argue with very many dogs.  So not like her!IMG_20150413_134128

Corgi Fan Club. Henry strikes a pose.




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