Beach Walk Path Address Plaque

Since I have moved into my house by the ocean I have been obsessed with one particular area of the property.  The walking path to the beach directly behind my backyard!

It’s secluded and reminds me of the lovely walk streets of Venice Beach and in the bike path in Haleiwa on Oahu’s north shore.  There is nothing better than strolling down a lush, fragrant path while hearing the sound of the ocean waves in the distance.  It’s pretty much heaven.


My local homeowner association gives out little awards if your back fence is well tended, the garden is clean and if the street numbers are clear.

So of course I had to come up with something fun and unique to make my oasis special.

I visited my new Hobby Lobby up here in Oxnard and was able to create my own custom sign. I love the results as it matches the fence nicely.


15 - 2

15 - 1 (1)


I’ll be refurbishing the fence and planting some new and improved succulents and grasses, but until then, here are some more pics of the gorgeous path behind my house that leads to the ocean.

Beach Walk Path - 6

Beach Walk Path - 7

Beach Walk Path - 4

Beach Walk Path - 3

Beach Walk Path - 2

Beach Walk Path - 1






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