Cheap Bar Stools Get an Update

Okay, there is nothing wrong with living at the beach and decorating in a completely 100% nautical theme.  Nothing wrong if you are a little looney and have no taste.  Anyway, the people that lived in our house before us continue to make me crazy.  If I find ONE MORE PIECE OF KIDS COLORED CHALK in the soil, I might have to hunt these people down and give them a stern talking to.

I digress.

So these chairs were trying to be cute.  Navy blue and white stripe isn’t always a bad thing.  Just a bad thing when paired with cheap chrome bar stools that only contrast how weird and wild the wood bar is over looking the kitchen.  Right next to said bar is a ‘wet bar’ straight from the 70’s except that it doesn’t work……another honey do for the LOML.  Thank goodness he’s a plumber.

Here are the stools that were left.  The horror!  They must miss them dearly, but alas they are mine now.  *sarcasm* here.


So, they got a paint job and a nice fun print from Hobby Lobby.  I like it because it echos the painting above the weird space that my daughter Caitlin painted at 12 years old.  Yes, she is talented.  Please check out her art and relieve her from her student loans!  Caitliwinx on Society 6

20150329_140925 (1)







While unpacking I found this old pic of said daughter in the dunes of Oxnard Shores.  Where I live to right now.  She is 27 now.  The little boy running in the background is my baby who is 21.  God I am old.  20150329_140939



This baby has gone with me everywhere.  Middle daughter bought if for me in Belgium.  Trecked across continents and I promptly broke it within minutes of having it….TWICE~~~

I love it anyway.  Happy Easter!20150329_141013


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