Surfboard ARt

My son let me keep one of his old surfboards and I’m really looking forward to making it a signature piece of art at the new beach house.  Jack found this baby in the trash and used it as a template when making and shaping new boards.


I love the size of it and it’s a perfect medium for a really interesting piece.

Pinterest is full of inspiration.  Here are some of my favorites and you can find the links to all of these on m Pinterest board titled Surfboard Art.  Please share any suggestions or favorites with me in the comments.   I will defiantly post when I am done.


This is a favorite.  Check out the artist Colleen Wilcox at her website Colleen Wilcox Art.  She is amazing!




Very hipster.


A little Banksy style.



Gotta love a tiki style!



This might be too scary to actually surf on, but it’s really cool as art.5849ce79551d6ca8fc7efd003727cb63


This is mesmorizing.


I love the collage style.b12bd3185b66ae2d52e28db633f6de27 Just a simple geometric style.e3be598f678f88ffd59260dec4f06b8c


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