Upcycled Planter Ideas

I am always amazed at people’s creativity.  The reason I love these up cycled planter ideas is not only are they adorable, beautiful and fun, they’re good for the planet.  Instead of adding old tires, shoes and broken plates for example, to the land fill, people are creating these lovely works of art.  Here are some of my favorites.  You can find more at my Pinterest board titled “Upcycled Planters”.

6e8189946d18d985df76187d901c95d8 7-Colander-645x429 7e95c819c481ca68ac56bdd1836f24e4 09b73d4ea777090b9403e029b89fc1ac 9b924da45a9bbf9948bce3618216ed2f 51d5543c7d44686b6d718390d27bdad8 72a9f77d38d26cccecfbcac53aa2aab3 1129e7c5673da986942a8cc96171fc76 05800cae49db3f9e0e602acafd260287 46118e6c00f0dae3b2c3b67fc89d5c42 572748f264ea5e12795404512c05ef43 a90c9f3d0f2163950a023396c8964f88 b93fecc6345d1f26bbc9e23f77941733 c090cda21dc70c7a4dc757959f49e57c d77c0ee2922def1d27245f8edb7d1b2b d86ad90a5c1eec41ce7f7cd78a4b0191 f03038aadb66a0bc8bdc8a4338d1653d ff384ec75d88d55b89af76f492832bc3

1-FloppyDisk-645x429393210b7f87d2d8fd4b8e9fcf82e0b56 884d4df02bc12045d11394cf66b760be d286813d7576035bda86332af121ec45 0592d66ae47d95ed77630bae013000f9


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