Street Corner Find Inspiration

On my way to the American Way Thrift Store the other day, when I spotted this table on the side of the road.  It was a little tricky getting it into the Prius.  I had to leave the hatch back open.  If you were driving behind me last Friday, I apologize for going 5 miles per hour on the streets of Burbank.

Anyway, I obviously skipped the thrifting to get going with this amazing little dining table.  It has retractable leaves and really cool scalloped trims.

I have been with out a dining table for a few months now….long story, but I realized recently that I need one.  I want to have a proper meal with Ralph on occassion and not sit in front of the TV.  Also, Thanksgiving!



So, here is my inspiration pieces  (See more on my Pinterest Board titled Red Dining Table

19529339f6ca9c840567df2a703a5080 4d3b651e679876e33e7482c7e291d08a 16e084c063bd40915e2cd4d0484bd7b7

I chose Benjamin Moore’s “Million Dollar Red”


and I’ll be sanding and staining the top a nice dark color using Mini Wax.


Pics to follow!


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