Craigslist + Pinterest =Perfection

I love a good Craigslist make-over. Here are a few. Some of them are from my portfolio.

Queen B Vintage Studios

My favorite design combo is Craigslist and Pinterest.  They each are both great resources, but blended together they are MAGIC!.  Since I’m a design geek, I love just scrolling through Craigslist furniture listings and imagining the possibilities!   If I see something that catches my eye, I open another window to Pinterest, type in an item description and hit SEARCH! It’s really inspiring and it also helps me decide what to do with Craigslist finds, thrift store finds and street finds.  I’m a visual kinda gal, so the inspiration I find in all the eye candy is amzing.

Here is a sample of some current things for sale on Craiglist in Los Angeles and what needs to be done to make this things look fabulous!!  Also for the record everything listed in Craigslist can be bought for under $100.  Yes…that’s right.  ONE HUDRED DOLLARS>  Oh how I love cheap!


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