Minnesota in the Summer

What an amazing summer I have had traveling all over the country.  I feel so blessed to have been to the east coast,  the west coast and finally the mid west.  (One more trip to San Francisco and I’m done until Europe next year!).

I have never been to Minnesota, even though I have a lot of connection to the state.  The love of my life grew up there until he was ten years old.  He has a lot of family in Minneapolis and the surrounding neighborhoods, so I jumped at the chance to attend a wedding of a family member.   One of the reasons I was intrigued by Minneapolis, was/is my friend and fellow blogger Kelli Abrahamian, who is a born and bred native and the epitome of “Minnesota Nice”.  Listening to stories of delicious eateries, amazing architecture and the beauty of the outdoors made me itching to visit.

I was not disappointed.  I was charmed by this beautiful city that stretches along the mighty Mississippi.  The brick and stone buildings are always alluring to my California eye.  Brick and stone in earthquake territory is a rarity.

Here are a few pics of some of the sights of Minneapolis.  We also made it to Duluth…birth place of Bob Dylan and best of all, I was able to visit the actual home of the fictional Mary Richards from the iconic 70’s TV show, the Mary Tyler Moore Show.  My favorite moment of the entire trip by far!  Here I am throwing my imaginary hat in the air and humming, “you’re going to make it after all!”.


14 - 13 (1)


The Guthrie Theater14 - 8

View from one of the bridges.  There are so many, I couldn’t keep track of the names.14 - 16 (1)

Boy, could we use some of this water in California!

14 - 15

We got stuck in a down pour while walking the river, but it was deliciously cooling!

14 - 7 (2)

Just an old bar.  Again, the brick and the limestone makes me happy!

14 - 22

A house in North Minneapolis, which is a poorer section of the city, filled with beautiful old houses.

14 - 24 (1)

A beautiful bridge built by the King Iron Bridge Co.

14 - 21

Probably the longest train I have ever seen.

14 - 20 (1)

A beautiful French style church.

14 - 18 (1)

The Mississippi River

14 - 17 (1)

Old flour mill.14 - 11

A beautiful bridge and a vintage beer sign.14 - 2 (4)


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