The Pacific Northwest Corgi Picnic (150+ Corgis!)

Corgis corgis everywhere!

Devyn the Corgi

2014-August-17-5D Mark III-0264-1Edit Devyn, Queen of all Corgis, overseeing the festivities

August 2nd was the Annual Pacific Northwest Corgi Picnic and this year, an estimated 150+ corgis and their humans attended.

In attendance were corgis of all shapes, sizes, colors, and ages.

2014-August-17-5D Mark III-9809-1Edit

2014-August-17-5D Mark III-9787-2Edit

2014-August-17-5D Mark III-0072-3Edit

Even non-corgis had the privilege to attend (if they dared).

It's obvious he wishes he were a corgi Obviously he wishes he were a corgi

Anyone in need of a corgi fix certainly got their fill today!

2014-August-17-5D Mark III-0067-3Edit Odin, as in Odin the Corgi

2014-August-17-5D Mark III-9944-4Edit

Corgi smiles and derpy faces roamed the grounds in droves.

2014-August-17-5D Mark III-9799-1Edit The mighty Thor!

2014-August-17-5D Mark III-0040-6Edit2014-August-17-5D Mark III-9942-3Edit2014-August-17-5D Mark III-9965-5Edit

And with those smiles came the corgi butts

2014-August-17-5D Mark III-0297-2Edit Callahan, with his magnificent corgi butt

2014-August-17-5D Mark III-0094-1Edit2014-August-17-5D Mark III-9894-1Edit

Some corgis made new friends

2014-August-17-5D Mark III-9989-4Edit2014-August-17-5D Mark III-9831-1Edit

Some of which will undoubtedly last a lifetime.

2014-August-17-5D Mark III-0025-4Edit The top pup is Wally, on the bottom there is Thatcher

2014-August-17-5D Mark III-0024-3Edit2014-August-17-5D Mark III-0013-2Edit2014-August-17-5D Mark III-0011-1Edit

I am continuously learning from dogs, and observing the corgis today has pointed out some things I feel I should share so that everyone may know more about

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