Shabby to Chic

I am in the process of acquiring pieces for a new start up business that will rent vintage furniture for weddings, parties, etc.  I thought this piece would be perfect for a desert table.   Even in it’s sorry state, I could imagine a luscious looking wedding cake taking its rightful place on this baby.  But first….OMG it was a mess!

I got it in a swap with a neighbor of mine who had a treasure trove of vintage and antique furniture sitting in a shed in her back yard. The dresser had been in her family for two generations, but she just didn’t have room for it. Unable to part with it, it fell into a sad state.  It was filthy! Decades of dirt and grime from the last century were embedded in the chipped paint. Spiders had been living in the drawers for years.
The hardest part of the whole project was cleaning it. I didn’t want to just hose it down as I was worried the exposed wood would warp, but I really needed to disinfect it.



So after a lot of warm soapy water, paper towels and even using a blow drying to insure the wood wouldn’t warp, it was ready to prep.
I decided I really liked it white with a shabby chic finish. The original was shabby without the chic. I used Annie Sloan’s chalk paint (Old White),  which is great as it doesn’t require a lot of sanding and primer. After two coats, I distressed the dresser and the hardware.
When I was first thought was…boring!


So I stripped the top and sanded it down to its natural finish. After a light oak stain and a good waxing, I had the finished product!  I like to name my furniture after the women in my life.  Yes, they all have personality and deserve a name. This one is named after my daughter, Caitlin.   Caitlin is ready for her close-up and a wedding cake!

_MG_6264 (1)

_MG_6266 (1)

_MG_6256 (1)

I also lined the drawers with decorative paper. I love a good collage decoupaged on to some drawers!
I’m really happy with how it turned out._MG_6259 (1) _MG_6258 (1)


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