A Pair of Pairs…A Nightstand Story


I love nightstands.  They’re obviously useful, but they really can help create a more custom look to your bedroom decor.  Adding a pop of color with your nightstands is a way to mix it up.

My client wanted just that.  She had very nuetral bedding, floors and walls.  At first she thought she would do white nightstands, but after mulling it over she decided to just go for it.  (she had a little pushing from me!  I love color).   She chose this fantastic color by Benjamin Moore called Old Navy.  I used their ADVANCE paint, which has an oil finish without the oil mess.  It has a low VOC and can be easily cleaned up with soap and water.  I have to say, I am always getting drips on my skin.  It was nice to just clean it with soap and not have to scrub my skin raw and wait for the paint to fade!


Anyway, I found these little babies on Craigstlist.  They would have fit perfectly in Sally Draper’s room.   They actually were made in the 60’s, but they needed a modern update.








Since I had extra paint and an extra pair of nightstands, I decided to use the same color on these two.  They had a great wavy drawer and fun hardware.  The dove tail drawers were one of the reasons I grabbed these guys at American Way.






This second pair will be listed for sale in the next few days.  For more information check back soon!


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