New York in June

I just got home from a week in the Big Apple and it was amazing!  Its was so fun to share the city with someone who had never been. Ralph was a newbie to New York though not big cities and it was absolutely joyful to watch him take in all that is NYC! I got to see this brilliant, crazy and hyper-kinetic city with new eyes. The outcome has been that I love it even more! We had a whirlwind week to say the least.


Here are some highlights in no particular order, from Union Square on a Monday afternoonThis building was from the 1860’s and still has a pharmacy.   Pete’s Tavern, Central Park, Broadway and  more.



Can’t wait for the next trip. Until then, it feels great to be home. I really am an LA Girl.


Lounging in Central Park


Washington Square Arch


White horse at White Horse Tavern in the Village


From Chelsea High Line


Not sure which bridge this is.  We did the Circle Line Tour around the island.wpid-20140618_132013.jpg

Lady Libertywpid-20140618_130646.jpg

Beautiful 9-11 Memorial Reflecting Poolswpid-20140619_132442.jpg

9-11 Memorial with the Freedom Tower in the distance.wpid-20140619_132809.jpg

Made it to the Bronx to watch the Yankee game.wpid-20140619_194011.jpg

The view from St. Patricks towards 30 Rockwpid-20140620_131701.jpg

We saw Jersey Boys AND All the Way with Bryan Cranston as LBJ.  Just wow!wpid-20140620_120807.jpg

Jesus alter at St. Patrickswpid-20140620_130937.jpg

We walked the Brooklyn Bridge.  This is the view.wpid-20140621_212554.jpg

Oceanic shields at the Metropolitan Museum of ARtwpid-20140622_163208.jpg

Loved this Sumarian column.wpid-20140622_165523.jpg

A Greek column.wpid-20140622_163714.jpg

A vintage bar on the upper east side.wpid-20140622_203817.jpg

Pete’s Tavern in Grammercywpid-20140623_154034.jpg

Beautiful old building in the Villagewpid-20140623_143625.jpg

Union Square on a busy day.wpid-20140623_153641.jpg

The New School (my daughters alumn) was right down the street from us.wpid-20140618_201505.jpg

Boot camp at Chelsea PIerwpid-20140616_190426.jpg

Finally, my blurry pic of Times Square.  That place is out of control!wpid-20140616_232742.jpg




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