A Bike and a Hike

Even though I’m headed toward 52 years and am not at my ‘ideal weight’, it feels pretty good to wake up on a Sunday morning, after a 15 mile bike ride on Friday and a 5 mile hike on Saturday, and not feel sore, swollen or exhausted.

Sometimes, I forget to be impressed with my physicality rather than be on the look out for the lack of perfection.   I am always quick to berate myself for that donut or that extra piece of pizza, yet don’t often pat myself on the back for the amount of physical exercise I get.  I make it a priority, much to the detriment of my money making ability, but I have a hierarchy!  After years of putting everyone first, (which I think is quite right when you have children), it feels good to make taking care of myself my true job.

Yes, at times I feel guilty, but for the most part I just do it and as I was hiking up the rocky path yesterday I thought it’s about time I acknowledge how good it feels to feel powerful and strong and in my fifties.  I actually feel better than my twenties and there is less emotional nonsense going on too.  My hope is that even at 102, I’ll still be going.


LA River 

Eaton Canyon


View from my bike of the fabulous LA RIVER!  Like no other river in the world.

View from my bike of the fabulous LA RIVER! Like no other river in the world.


It was a clear sunny day in LA


Nice view of my sweetheart and the great bike path that runs along the river.


Saturday took me to the falls at Eaton Canyon in Pasadena

pasadena hike2

Not all graffiti is annoying.

pasadena hike1

Enjoy your life. It’s the only one ya got.



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