Picasso Rip-Off Garden Art

I had a blank spot of yellow wall in my back yard that I wanted to fill with art.


I decided I would try my hand at re-creating a piece myself. I had some relative success with making my own Rothko’s and a Franz Klein. But they’re both really abstract and relatively easy to recreate. I wanted to give Picasso a try. Years ago I painted and actually sold my version of Sylvette, Girl with a Ponytail. I wish I had a picture of my picture, but alas, you’ll have to look at the masters instead.



So, I thought I would try another woman painting. I wanted lots of primary color because frankly, that’s the extra paint I had!

I decided on this one, because I like to lay in the backyard on my big comfy chairs and take naps, so I thought she would fit in nicely. This is The Dream. I love it.






I bought a huge (too huge) piece of plywood from Lowe’s for $30 and went to work.


Work in progress in my make-shift studio…outside under an umbrella. I am finding, that Picasso is really hard to recreate because all his lines are so fluid. Although they’re simple, they represent something exact. A slight up-turn here or there really makes a difference. I guess it goes without saying, but he was truly one of the greatest artists ever.




Finished and installed! Yes, my proportions are completely whack, but that’s what’s so cool about recreating a Picasso. It’s okay! My girl’s head is much too big and her body is too narrow. Oh well, I like her face and am happy with that. Her legs are going to be sawed off so I can hang her. (This really sounds like a horror movie plot! LOL).






It’s a nice little spot to have a cup of tea.




I like that I can lounge on my patio and take a nap while watching my girl taking a nap.




I signed it and gave credit where credit is due.








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2 thoughts on “Picasso Rip-Off Garden Art

  1. It looks great! I think the fact that it looks a bit “off” makes it fit in that couch better to the outside. If it wasn’t surrounded by trees and shrubs it may look out of place but they’re there!! 😉

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