Chairs Galore!

I love chairs.  I also love chairs that I can re-make myself.  A couple of days ago my former neighbor from the Little Cinderblock House sold me a bunch of old chairs.  She is trying to purge  and I was happy to help her.  She has a great eye and a ton of cool stuff.  Next week I’m picking up a vintage art deco wood dining table and a credenza on wheels!  Swoon! Anyway, back to the chairs.  I’m so inspired by the lines and the looks of these chairs.  I think they’re going to be a great addition to the vintage rental business.  They’ll probably all get a similar tone, so they can be rented out as a set. Here are the chairs and some of the chair inspirations I’ll be dreaming about.  As soon as they’re done, I’ll be posting.   Chair #1.  This is one I can easily reupholster.  The others are going to require a pro.

20140423-084111.jpg7db5f0091fda8d74ea73fd22aafc6b42 72d8ceb1a5db9cf5d0e679ba0175b6ed Dining Chair Do-Over


Chair #2  Great wood side chair that is just as cool in the back as it is in the front.

20140423-084413.jpg 677c6f5cda1b97c6e207bf01db057c68 3cfbbf4a2561b74e8f1b3223960ad2a6 5a068c76a86b6613a0986e3f4cbe3def 03736a57b4434e18e6aa3506ccee03f0 a3e75908305990675d1f761b776efa94 ba_danishchairs_3 d71508c2b428cb09dbb381823257704a


Chair #3  Wow!  This is a corner chair on wheels.  Like dresses with pockets, I am a sucker for chairs on wheels.

20140423-084558.jpg   Here are some inspirations. dd06a54f83ab95e7157bf6b1fa5a4fe6 f95753c7ff841c825bd63a52c52e70cb   16ff502d549a43fee946d48893e7ed48 7d5e467af9daaab32cdf62c0b3f293c4 1e70e848d9173b9d606afd808f172ba3


Well that’s it for now.  I have some decisions to make and fabric to purchase.  All my inspirations are on my pinterest board titled...’chairs’.  Finished products will be posted.




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