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Who'd Have Thought?

Flower Power in my pansies Flower Power in my pansies

Thought I’d do something a little different on the blog this week, which is to review a product. Specifically, one that is not only a ‘who’d have thought of that’ concept but a ‘why didn’t anyone think of it sooner’ type of a product.

Flower Power is a natty little device that monitors – via an app – the health and well being of your plants. For someone like myself who likes plants but isn’t so good on their upkeep it has the makings of an ideal gardening tool.

Basically it’s a smart wireless sensor in the guise of a chunky plastic twig that you place in the soil next to the plant you wish to monitor. Using Bluetooth technology it connects to your Smartphone or tablet. Then all have to you do is download the free Flower Power app and select the plant/s you are wanting to monitor from its library…

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