Turn Your Old Frames into Glam Frames

While browsing through some of my favorite blogs and procrastinating on doing laundry, I came across a great blogger game started by Jennifer at Jennifer Rizzo. Yes, there are blogger games. Who knew? I want in! This group of super creative people got together and bought one item and received one item from a thrift store. Whatever you got, you have to remake it in a new and interesting way.

The concept is so inspiring and it’s so positive. Instead of landfills, these every day weird, wacky and mundane items are upcycled into something beautiful!

I was so into all the idea, I had to stop myself from running over to the American Way and filling my cart! Luckily I have enough junk stuff lying around myself, so I decided to try one of the ideas posted by Beth from Home Stories A to Z.

Initially she was given a very cool gold leaf tray, so instead of transforming it she styled it.

Along the way, she had a great idea for all the old frames one has lying around. I love this idea as I like trays. It makes me feel relatively organized, which is kind of delusional, but oh well. I like trays.

So, here is my transformation.


I have an 8×10 frame and a 5×7 frame I decided to use, some left over fabric, scissors.


and of course my trusty Krylon spray paint.



I took apart the frames and cut the fabric the size of the backing.




When using geometric prints, it’s important to line up the pattern otherwise you will be annoyed every time you look at your masterpiece. I cleaned and sanded the black frames, then painted them gold.

I popped it all back together and I have to say it was pretty simple and quick. For one who can get a little impatient with DIY stuff, I was immediately gratified when I finished. _MG_5796

For one who can get a little impatient with DIY stuff, I was immediately gratified when I finished. I love instant gratification!

Here is the 5×7 finished product.


Now, I can’t decide where to use it.

In the bathroom?



On my desk?



Here is the 8×10 matching frame.




I’m having the same issues. Do I use it to hold the remote?



Or hold my letter opener by my front door? Oh well, this is what we call a ‘quality problem’.

_MG_5808 _MG_5814


So, that’s it. Paint + fabric + every day items + inspiration = good stuff.


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