Gallery Wall Make-Over

The last few weeks I have been overwhelmed by looking at so many images of home wall galleries, that my head was about to explode.  So many different theories and measuring instructions.  Ideas like all black frames or large white mattes.   Botanicals, animal themes, photographs. Gold frames with floral mattes.   You get the idea.

I even started a whole Pinterest Board to inspire me.  The problem was that no matter how beautiful the ‘designers galleries’ looked they were not something I could duplicate because my art was unique to me, which is the whole point exactly.

I tried and tried to work on a formula, when finally I threw caution to the wind, collected all my stuff and just basically threw it on the wall.  I used my Design 101 Theory from college to try to work out a basically balanced look.  And in doing so, I have a lot of patching to do where things just did NOT work out!.

Anyway, I think the only advice I have for a project like this is this.

  • Gather all your stuff your going to hang in one spot.
  •  Hang the biggest pieces first.
  •  Fill in the negative space where you can.
  •  Be prepared to re-hang.
  • Have some good putty, sand paper, and paint to fix your first fifth attempt.

So, this was my office/spare room area before I decided to just go for it.  It was sad and lonely.  Most of all it was boring.  _MG_5508

White, like a blank canvas, which is how I approached this dilemma._MG_5509


Here’s the after.  It’s a weird phenomena but the art makes this tiny room appear larger.  Thank goodness!





The two bottom pieces were done by my daughters. I took the top photograph of my son walking toward the surf.


Although I love the top three pieces…they’re all for sale! Full disclosure here. Find them at the shop. (click the photo to see them.)


Sweet album cover. I loved them. Ballroom Blitz anyone~

One last shot later in the day.  I so enjoyed walking in this room.  Everything on the wall makes me smile, from the black and white photo I took of my son walking toward the waves, to the goofy looking baby photo of me as a wide-eyed baby holding a strange looking animal, they all make me happy and that’s what really matters.



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