Campaign Dressers Named Sugar Plumb and Plumage

About this time last year I came across a great vintage campaign dresser manufactured by Dixie Furniture.  It was huge and in need of a lot of love.  A client bought it and chose the most fabulous color for the make over, called  Sugar Plumb, which became the old dressers nickname.

I found this guy at a Salvation Army in South Pasadena.  Granted it wasn’t from a high end furniture company, but I couldn’t pass it up.   I was going to sell it ‘as is’,  or wait for another custom order, but since I got totally inspired by Gretchen at Boxy Colonial and her use of Martha Stewart’s Plumage, I decided to just go for it!  I love the results.

Here is Plumage before:


Here is the after.

campaign1 campaign2 campaign3 campaign4

See how perfect it looks in my house?  All the good junk I could store! I almost want to keep it!  It’s great for any room.  Lots of storage.  Alas, it’s for sale now at the online shop.  Check it out here ——–>Vintage Refurbished Campaign Dresser in Plumage


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