Dining is Fine at Christmas Eve Dinner

As the guest list of our Christmas Eve party swelled, I started to get nervous.  I knew our tiny little house on GPark would not…could not withstand the twenty or so guests we were expecting.   Lucky for me, we live in Los Angeles, where the weather on December nights never gets below a slight chill.  I realized I would need a heater and a large dining room table because the party was going outside!

Luckily I have been working my behind off creating a refurbished dining room set.  I purchased the 8+ foot table and chairs in October and it went through many incarnations.

Here is a before pic.  Without the leaves.

Here is a before pic. Withthe leaves.


I could never settle on one look as I thought they were all kind of boring and contrived.  Finally while browsing at the spray paint section of Home Depot, I got inspired by the pop of pink from Rustoleum and I knew I had a winning combo.  The chairs got grey floral fabric + hot pink paint.  The gold details stayed.  The Table got sanded down to it’s original beautiful stain and the legs got painted white.  The piece de resistance was the leaf inserts. They got painted white with a hot pink stencil to tie the whole set together.  I love how you don’t need a table runner or anything as it is its own centerpiece.

I absolutely love it and would keep it if I had the dining space.  Instead, it got its debut on our patio on Christmas Eve.  It was a hit!  Five stars! Rave reviews!! (ok..enough with the movie analogies!).  The entire set will be offered for sale by next week.  I want to take more pics that are not so artsy! (and get measurements).

Here are some shots to check out.  (Of course there is the token shot of one of my dogs!)  She was all clean for Christmas and hamming it up for the camera.

Hope your Christmas was as fun filled and enchanting as mine!

_MG_4811 _MG_4814 _MG_4818 _MG_4821 _MG_4822 _MG_4823 _MG_4826 _MG_4838 _MG_4839 _MG_4840 _MG_4842 _MG_4843


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