PS I Love You!


I grew up going to Palm Springs.  It was a quick two-hour jaunt from Los Angeles.  My parents were able to purchase a sweet  condo back in the 70’s for about 10 cents!  Seriously though, property was cheap back in the day because there was so much land.  Vast expanses of dessert, palm trees and tumble weeds.  In the midst of this was that perfect oasis of downtown Palm Springs.  “The Strip” (aka Highway 111),  was the center of the city and about a half a mile long.  Dotted with little shops in Spanish style buildings, fountains and restaurants, this one way four lane street was always teeming with life, even in the 110 degree summers.


PS was always old school cool tome.  The city itself was a huge influence on my design style.  When my parents were house hunting, I LOVED going to open houses with them.  Imagine all those great 70’s style & mid century modern model homes we checked out.  Lemon yellow and golf course green, brass, campaign chests, Parsons tables!  Oh it was lovely.

My love affair with Palm Springs slowly dissipated as I grew older, had kids and couldn’t take the heat.  It had been close to fifteen years since I last visited.  Oh, how I missed it.  And how I missed the colors, the palms, the bright blue skies.  My parents condo in particular was a treasure trove of vintage, classic Palm Springs.  They haven’t changed the decor of the place since 1975.  It is so old, it’s new again!  Since it was only used a few times a year, it’s pristine!  I wished I had brought my real camera.  Instead, I only had my iPad and Iphone to document the fabulous!  Here are a few shots.


A vintage cane chair!



20131217-112512.jpg Dresser and green carpet


That lamp!


Landline phone in Tiffany Blue…sigh




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