Campaign Table Make-Over

I am so annoyed with myself.  I could have sworn I took a couple of before pics of my street corner wood and glass side table, but I guess not! I found this on the very same day I found my other cabinet.  It was a good trash day that day!!   Oh well.  What can you do?  I found a couple things that were comparable before pics.

F3075 1382855039_560565543_3-Good-Quality-Durable-used-home-wooden-furniture-Navi-Mumbai


The only probably with these, is they are much nicer and in a lot better shape than my little street corner girl was.  But you get the idea.

Usually when something is a nice wood (this is cherry) and I actually pay money for it, I don’t try and mess with it, however my piece had lots of water damage and was a mess.  Plus the fact that I paid nothing for it made me a little more adventurous in it’s make-over.

So here is an after:



I love storage and I love orange.  This is a perfect little accent piece for the living area, dining, kitchen…even a bathroom.







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