Amazing Vintage Tiger Wood Credenza

This is the most beautiful old piece of furniture.

_MG_4579 _MG_4580 _MG_4582 _MG_4583 _MG_4584 _MG_4585 _MG_4586

My first thought was it just needed a good coat of paint and it would be perfect.  But upon second glance I realized this piece had interesting and intracte wood patterns.  It’s called Tiger Wood…no not Tiger Woods.  Anyway, the stripped patterns make it too nice to just slap a coat of paint over.  I knew I needed to use the big guns.


When they say cover yourself and wear gloves…they mean it.  A tiny splat of this sent me to the  faucet where I ran cold water on my hands or 10 minutes!  Ouch. What  I don’t sacrifice for love of wood.

Anyway, it’s almost done being stripped.  I’ll post when finished!


One thought on “Amazing Vintage Tiger Wood Credenza

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