An LA Adventure Blog

About six months ago I started collavorateing on a new blog with my friend Kelli.  Kelli’s husband Dave has been a friend of mine since elementary school.  When Kelli and Dave got married they moved back to Kelli’s hometown of Minneapolis, where they proceeded to raise their family in the homespun cocoon of the mid-west.  In 2011 while semi-empty nesters they moved back to Dave’s hometown of Burbank, California


That’s where our idea germinated.  Kelli loves LA.  I love LA.  We also both LOVE good food, design, ideas and tacos.  Our idea is to explore the different Layers of Los Angeles.  Not just the iconic, but the sublime.  We go where our hearts take us, wander in places, pick up conversations and make new friends.  Being that Kelli is very friendly and likeable and I’m sort of a cynic who has a tendancy to roll her eyes a lot (but I take good pictures), we deciced we would make a good team.  The native and the transplant exploring this great city of ours.

Here is the main link

Layers Los Angeles

Check it out and let us know what you think!

I Love LA


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