Front Porch Gets a Fresher Upper

A few years ago, I really got into the whole concept of Feng shui.  Actually, now that I think about it, it was when my son was a toddler and one of his pre-school buddies mom’s was a Feng Shui expert.   My son is now 19 going on 20, so that tells you how long ago this was, along with telling you I have no concept of time!

Anyway, she was really inspirational and I bought a couple of books on the subject.  This was pre ‘google search’,  I had to actually buy books and read them, so I really learned a lot.  It was kind of fad for me, even though I totally respect the philosophy behind it and believe there is a lot of truth to the idea that certain placements of furnishings and household items make for a more harmonious feeling.  If you hang a chime under a stair will it bring you money?  Not sure, but I do believe that the front door and entry way of your house, sets the tone for your life in your home and for the impression you want to leave in the outside world.

That is why I knew that the GPark House really needed some nice Feng shui make over work.

Here is the original front porch.


It is such an easy fix to make your entry way welcoming, clean and beautiful.

I cleaned and painted using concrete paint in a soft egg-shell.  Then I sealed it.  For fun I added a cool little stencil.  Mainly for my dad who at 85, can’t see the steps too well.  I can now tell him to focus on the orange flower!





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