Industrial Chic & Hardcore Furniture

Five Reason Industrial is Chic

1. Durable-Hey if it’s survived a public school (lockers), it’s gotta be tough.

2. Versatile- cubbies store wine, shoes, towels, books, office supplies…ect

3. Visually Interesting- these babies have a past and it shows.  Aged patinas and rust make these really cool and fun to look at.

4. Inside or out-They are durable (see above) and they are versatile (see above), so they work in the garden or in the luxurious bedroom.

5. Go Geen- Instead of ending up in a landfill somewhere, these furnishings are ending up in fabulous homes, offices and gardens everywhere.  It’s a WIN WIN!

Here are some of my favorite pieces and ideas.  Links can be found here Industrial Hardcore Chic

XL vintage letters #alphabet #xlletters #letters #vintageletters #vintage #interior #home #living #homedecor #interiorinspiration

Industrial storage to looking

vintage tanker desks get a facelift with brushed metal drawers and a fresh color

PO boxes                    ****


industrial chic

Vintage industrial desk made from an old sewing machine table

Sleep Industrial...

i would clean this up as food dishes are here - however, it is an excellent bussing cart for when we have guests & want to set or clear the table. Love this idea.

Love à good Locker...

Neat idea for storing current art issues in the studio.

Industrial shelf






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