Bad Art Gets a Make-Over

So, my mom is a treasure trove of cool vintage stuff.  Don’t tell her I said this, but she’s a bit of a hoarder.   The good news is, sometimes she shows up with the most amazing things for me to either keep, refurbish or sell.  The bad news is sometimes she shows up with stuff like this.

Bad art…oh dear.


I accepted these two separate canvases, because of my basic rule…Never throw away canvas.  Even one that has a slash in it.

white vertacle slash?  No problem.

white vertical slash? No problem.

I actually  considered hanging the canvases this way…just to make it more interesting.


But alas, my Mark Rothko obsession won out!   I hung the make-overs in the bedroom because I think they’re soothing and nice to look at when dozing off.

So, thanks Mom, I had a great rest last night!



The room has really transformed!

Here is a before



AFTER...Much better

AFTER…Much better


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