Before and After Backyard Patio

The Tiny Little House is TINY!   Around 700 square feet if I’m lucky.  What sold me on the space however, was the amazing backyard and covered patio.  Living in Southern California, we are outside a good 75% of the year, so the outdoor space is like having a spare room!

However my “spare room” was a mess when I moved in.  Abandoned plants, pots, junk and trash had been left over. _MG_2408_MG_2413


I couldn’t stand to just throw away all the plants, so I had to go through the entire lot and see what was worth saving and what was too far gone.

We steam cleaned the cement and painted the wood ceilings and posts.

I have great outdoor furniture that I love!  It’s so durable and never gets dirty or faded thanks to the fabulous Sunbrella fabric.  So that furniture was added, along with some Hawaiian masks we picked up on our trip to Oahu.  My disco ball got kicked out of the bathroom, but found a great place outside where it reflects lots of fun lights.

Oh, and we put a TV and a jacuzzi!  We have watched a lot of Dodger games this summer soaking in the hot tub!  Life is good at the Tiny Little House!



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