Cheap Art on a Budget

I love art, but I’m not in love with the price.  David Hockney is one of my favorites.  I once saw him at an art supply store in Hollywood.  I lurked around him like a rock n roll groupie until he said, “hello there!” in his clipped English accent.

My favorite piece of art ever is his huge homage to Los Angeles  that hangs in LACMA “Mulholland Drive: Road to the Studio”.

So, I wanted a piece of Mr. Hockney done cheap for my bathroom.  Because he does a lot of swimming pools and diving boards set  in LA, I though it would be a perfect fit.

I bought the frames in plain white at IKEA.  I love these because they already come with mats.

I googled the two pieces I was thinking of, printed them on plain white paper and taped them on to the frame.


“A Bigger Splash” by David Hockney



Note about copyright…these will NEVER be sold..EVER!  In fact, I’ll probably throw them away at some point and put another favorite piece in it’s place.  Maybe some Joan Miro or Mondrian….Anyway, the idea is to enjoy artists you love on a budget.  I love brushing my teeth and gazing at the water of Mr. Hockney’s art._MG_3056



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