Tiny Little House Gets a Freshen Upper on a Budget

The Tiny Little House bathroom looked kind of cute on the surface, but it was what lurked within that made it a candidate for a ‘gut’!

For some reason a huge wood window...WOOD WINDOW had been built-in the shower!!  The SHOWER!!  Lots of wood rot was involved.


The vanity had been painted a nice neutral grey as were the walls, but when I pulled out the drawers to clean and line them, they literally disintegrated.  (Plus the fake greenery was full of who knows what).

The floor had old laminate tiles and unlike the kitchen they weren’t in good shape and they were ugly.



So the bathroom got a new vanity, a new window, new floors, new storage, and just for fun a new toilet!!  It helps to have a plumber in the family!  The LOML casually suggested putting in a new toliet….and HE DID!!

Anyway, here are some after pics~!

_MG_3173_MG_3190 _MG_3181 _MG_3192_MG_3194_MG_3185




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