Thrift Shoppin’ Part 2

Things have finally sort of settled down at the new house I’ve nicknamed GPark, so with my daughter Caitlin, who is here from London in tow, I thought I would do a little thrifting.  Sadly there was just no good junk for me to buy.  That’s just how it goes sometimes.  However there is never a shortage of weird, wild and just plain ugly at the thrift store! That’s one of the reasons I love it!  This is the second in a regular feature.  Here is the best of the worst!


A pink cherub making out with the man on the moon candle. Yeah, I want one of those.

*sigh* This was a matching Packard Bell Television and Stereo set. Sadly someone bought the stereo and left the TV all by it’s lonesome.


I hope someone adopts it and turns it into a fish tank or bar cart!




A strange looking ceramic planter. Does that little girl resembleTory Spelling or what?


This is just wrong…on every level.


More political hatcheting. Why are the President dancing around like a bunch of schoolgirls? At least Lincoln looks horrified.


Oh be still my <3! Sonny Crocket on VHS. The perfect gift if it was 1989.


Jump suits and pompadoors only work if you’re Elvis.


Oh I always wanted to be a Pink Lady! Loved this jacket until……


I realized I would have to answer to the name Stephanie if I bought it.


Quite possibly the ugliest gold glitter shoes ever.


I think half the boys in my 7th grade junior high class had this coat.

Morning coffee in a last Supper mug?  Of course.

Morning coffee in a last Supper mug? Of course.


At least if I had a little girl who liked stripper like dolls a’la brats, I would make sure she wore her bike helmet before going out.


I actually kind of liked these two duckie book ends, but they would have needs a couple layers of spray paint in …what else…emerald green!!


This was kind of cool. You don’t often see a player piano at a thrift store. And this one actually worked!


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