Happy Monday!

My new Tiny Little House is kind of getting there.  I go from room to room and try to unpack, but then I get sucked into all sorts of other little chores that need to be done.  Hanging a mirror, mopping the laundry room, storing books…it just never ends!

I just keep telling myself, it will get done, it will get done.

In other news,  I have internet AND television!  Wow, I feel like I’m part of the world again.

The electrician is HERE and I might have a jacuzzi up and running by tomorrow.  Cannot wait!!

I sold my old vintage mid-century modern couch, which I loved, but it just didn’t fit the Tiny Little House.  Here is what I’m picking up tonight!!


So cute from Z Gallerie, I found it on Craigslist for half the price and almost brand new.  I like that it’s made in the US and that it’s a sectional but not one of those big old lumpy things like this.  (Sorry if this happens to be your couch, but sersiously…it’s ugly.)

PS did you know there are is a great blog dedicated to ugly couches being kicked to the curb?  I didn’t, but I found this site where people post pics of ‘ugly couches’!  It’s hysterical and amazing that things so ugly even got made.

And finally, the knock off Eames chair is ready for pick up today at the upholsterer.  Can’t wait to see it and will surely post pics when I figure out where it’s going to go.


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