A Few Tips for Moving & Packing

I’m in the middle of packing up The Little Cinderblock House, while simultaneously painting the inside!  Talk about chaos.


Last night I couldn’t even bare to sit and watch the LOML’s favorite crime shows.  And since Game of Thrones is officially done for the season, there was nothing pulling me to sit amidst boxes, masking tape and paint cans.


Luckily this morning, while procrastinating my work, I was cruising the net and checked one of my favorite blogs, Apartment Therapy.  To my delight the first post of the morning was all about packing, titled “moving box packing survival kit”!

So far the suggestions have been fabulous and although I’m a relative newcomer to moving (three times in 25 years), I do have some good tips that worked for me.  Here are a few.

1. Pack books in Rubbermaid bins.  It’s heavy, but the plastic won’t break like a cardboard box will.  I learned this the hard way.



2. Instead of using newspaper or wrapping paper, wrap you breakables in your towels, wash cloths, sheets and pillowcases.  Add pillows if you need extra cushion.

3. Label boxes with room by but also by a number.  Number one for items you need every day. So, the coffee maker and coffee cups get labeled “Kitchen #1”.  The bread-maker and heart-shaped waffle maker is labeled “Kitchen #5”.


4. Pack a First Night box.  My box included the bedding for my bed, pillows, my toiletries, towels, comfy pajamas and a my iPad/iPhone chargers.  This way on my first night there, I can crawl my exhausted body in my freshly made bed and have a good night sleep.  Options include a bottle of wine, bottle opener and a nice wine glass!  LOL

5.  Have a  Survival Kit.  This should include masking tape, sharpies,  measuring tape and scissors.  You can include anything else you might think you need while your packing.  I’m considering getting a tool belt, just because I’ll never misplace it…hopefully.  But it can hold all the same good stuff. Thanks again Apartment Therapy.

6. If all else fails and you just cannot get motivated try HabitRPG.  It’s an internet site that allows you to commit goals. Pack a box a day?  Two boxes?  Whatever you decide. It’s kind of a fun game you can play with yourself.  If you don’t live up to the committment you get penalized.  If you do what you’re supposed to do…you get rewarded!

That last one scares me a little.  Although I’ve been using a similar app for going to the gym called GymPact and so far I’ve earned $2.50!  Hey…whatever works.

So, if you have any tips or advice that you want to share…please….really please…I need the help!  What’s your best moving tip?

Anyway, I think I’m writing this post as a way to postpone the inevitable so I’m off to get pack!












How to Pack Paintings Before You Move (ask4robins.wordpress.com)


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